Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1135 13.10.1939

Wasted earthly life ....

Many a person travels his earthly path without any noteworthy success for his soul, and this is all too understandable because he does not think of survival after death.  An earthly life, to which earthly prosperity is set as the only goal, can understandably produce no eternal goods, and such a life will therefore achieve nothing that serves the soul's progress, and is consequently lived uselessly .... The grace of embodiment has been disregarded - and a struggle lasting thousands of years, has not found the right conclusion which it should find according to God's will. ....

But how serious and significant the effects of an unused earth-life are for the spiritual being, that cannot be overlooked by man, but his soul will have to atone bitterly for such an omission, because it is in greatest distress because of it, and the thought is unspeakably bitter, that a wonderful life was actually granted, and that he robbed himself of it and that nothing will bring the missed opportunity back - he can therefore never again reach the degree of perfection which he could have easily achieved with the correct use of earthly life.  He can wrestle, and that with great difficulty in the hereafter, but he will hardly reach that degree which is the prerequisite for becoming a child of God.

It is not for nothing that the Lord has made the earth the center of His creation .... He has endowed man with every ability which is fully sufficient for him to work his way up to a God-like creature .... And love for the Divine Creator is again so deep that it pulls the earthly child upwards .... But where the latter neither respects this Fatherly love nor cultivates the abilities which guarantee his spiritual progress, his mind is also not directed to approach the Creator and Maker.

It turns more to the opposite pole, which uses all his own means to prevent this approach to the eternal Divinity, but in return makes all earthly goods easily accessible to man .... thus lets him fall under the spell of matter, increases matter thereby and wants to prevent a higher development of the soul on earth.  The spiritual influences of the counter-power are tremendous and so poison the thinking of those who are too weak to offer resistance.

And yet the Lord God created all people for the same purpose .... He has called them all to become bearers of His Divine power .... He shows them all the right way, He grants them graces again and again, and yet this love is not respected to the extent that it would be necessary for the attainment of maturity on earth .... This grace is often well taken note of - and of the obvious love of God, but without own striving, man can never reach this degree, and therefore his will must first be active and [he must] consciously devote himself to the highest goal on earth, and he must not forget the task which is set for him for earthly life, then he will pay more attention to his earthly life in spiritual respect, and this his life will not be lived useless for eternity. ....




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