Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1138 15.10.1939

Uniting with God ....

Only in the union with God, a rightly lived earthly existence finds it's conclusion according to Divine will, because this union is the original state of all spiritual, which lets the being remain in greatest strength and glory from now on.  To be united with God, means to be able to work in equal strength and power in complete harmony with the Divine will. .... It also means to be in contact with all beings and to be able to let Divine power flow to them again and thus to create, to animate what has been created and to stimulate it to activity.  The child will have the same rights as the Father, because it is entitled - as a true child of the Father - also to take up the inheritance of the Father, and therefore every power is available to him, if he needs this.

And the union with God presupposes again a certain soul-maturity, which only few humans reach already on earth .... however not, because God set a too high to humans, difficult to reach, but only because humans let this goal concern themselves too little.  God does not demand more from man than he can achieve .... And every man can well comply with the Divine will, because Divine grace is also bestowed upon him, which inevitably leads him to the heights.  The union with God is so extremely important, and the earthly life should be dedicated only to the achievement of this goal .....

And if therefore the Lord God makes such a demand, then it is to be seen from it that He wants to have His children back and He has therefore given the same task to all of them, that He, in order to be able to offer them extraordinarily glorious things, wants to know them in a state which entitles and enables [them] to receive what is offered.  That what God wants to give to His children is so incomparably glorious, that only a God-like being can bear it, and again the union with the Father is only then possible when the child has become similar to Him, i.e. has completely merged into His will and therefore has completely given himself to the heavenly Father.  Only then does the child stand in the light, and it has become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect.  It is completely merged with the elemental power, it is no longer separated from his Creator and Maker, but has become completely one with Him .... It has found the union with the highest God-being and now works completely in His will, because it is united with Him eternally .....




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