Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1139 16.10.1939

Forerunner ....
Reference to events ....
Enlightened ....

You, My loyal ones, are to be forerunners for Me on earth and announce Me and My power to all who cross your way.  And you are to announce to them what is imminent .... You are to point out to them the coming events, so that they recognize the credibility of the Word which is imparted to them through you.  And you will find followers of My teaching and therefore make Me and My Word accessible to all and serve Me and impart My will to people on earth.

And when My Word will touch the ear of those who believe in Me, they will look forward to the coming time with hope; they will not be anxious and despondent, but expect the events with confidence in Me and My help, and they will not become fully aware of the terrible, because those who believingly cling to Me, are not to be hit by suffering.  And My small community will be spared and stand in My grace, and that is why you should still work eagerly and seek to increase this community, because the day is no longer far away and the misery unspeakably great .... Every day leads you closer to the time of the event, and therefore every day should also be used, and you should never become lukewarm or lethargic, because only in this way is the salvation of erring souls possible.

Those who love Me, recognize Me and do not need so much care as do the apostates and especially the enlightened ones who stand in worldly knowledge and therefore think themselves in fullest wisdom and therefore believe to need no instructions.  If mention is made to them of what is coming, their will will resist accepting it as truth, but when the event has occurred, they will remember the words and seek contact with the spiritual, and only this is of right value.  And so you have to make use of every hour and be industrious workers in My vineyard, because there is still a great field to cultivate .... , there is still so unspeakably great work to be done, and My true believers who work in My will, are only few.

The world will have to go through unspeakable hardship if it does not turn around and accepts My Word .... I have mercy on mankind, I would like to give it love, but it does not respect it and challenges My wrath, and boundless misery is the result of it's resistance and it's life without faith.  And you can still put a stop to this misery if you let Me speak through your mouth, if you give Me your will and thus I can work through you. ....

Every suffering that you willingly bear for Me will be blessed for you, and every spark of love that you ignite in yourselves, will draw Me to you .... So you must suffer and love, and you will redeem people through such suffering, which is carried by you in love.  And in the coming time, you will see much suffering and have to comfort your fellow human beings, but if you make love your guiding principle, this suffering will exert an ennobling influence on people, and they will remember Me and My Word in the last hour .... And I will direct them to the places where My Word is proclaimed.  And it will be accepted by the hearts of those and save many from the abyss, towards which they were heading in their faithlessness.  And therefore be diligently active and strive to supply My Word to all whom My love will bring to you ....



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