Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1145 22 &23.10.1939

Helpless condition in the beyond ....
Help from other beings ....

It is still a blessed state, which all people should long for (grasp), that the spirit in you can free itself, because you still live on this earth and are free insofar that it is completely left to your will to loosen the fetters of the spirit or to hold it captive.  But when you have ended this life, you yourselves are subject to laws and without strength and power.  You have only your will, but you are dependent on the help of other beings, and this means an agonizing state for you, if you still stand deep in your spiritual development.

In view of the helpless state, you must be given assistance to climb step by step to higher development.  You are completely dependent on help, you can do nothing without the support of higher spiritual powers, and you also have to win them again for yourselves by willingly offering your services to those who have entered the hereafter even more miserably, because every work of love will also have an effect there in such a way that he who gives, receives ....

And so a man who has left this earth in imperfection, is no longer able to do anything by his own strength, he is so helpless and abandoned if the higher beings do not take care of him, or if strength is imparted to him through the loving remembrance and prayer of an earthly human.  And to have to recognize in this sad situation, which grace he let pass him by in earthly life, is unspeakably bitter and therefore a state of remorse, which triggers agonies which you humans cannot measure. ....

(23.10.1939) The state of suffering of such souls is conjured up by them themselves, and that is why it also burdens the being so much, that it would like to escape from it and it is therefore grateful for any help granted to it in this situation.  In order to help to reduce the torment, these souls are offered the opportunity to be lovingly active out of themselves.  The neediness in the spheres of the imperfect is so great, that only the help on the other side is alleviating, and this is practiced most eagerly by those who recognize this, in the will to make the condition bearable for each other.  And only through this, also the darkness around such souls is interrupted from time to time by a ray of light, which again shows them a way, which could improve their situation.  The souls who follow such a ray of light often come close to people who are in spiritual knowledge, which is now also made accessible to the willing souls in the hereafter.  But the conditions for the acceptance of this knowledge are the same as in the earthly life .... The being must have good will and be loving, i.e. sympathize with the suffering of those who share the heavy suffering with him.

The soul, which thinks only of it's own suffering, will hardly accept spiritual food and therefore also stand unimpressed by a spiritual exchange from the beyond to earth, it opposes it just as rejectingly as the earthly people standing in the self-love do, to whom the spiritual food remains likewise incomprehensible - because this wants to be received in the heart, but their heart has not yet been awakened to life .....




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