Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1147 24.10.1939

Call from the height ....

You hear the call from above, and through it a measure of grace is granted to you, which secures you unspeakable spiritual success, if you pay attention to the Divine Word and move the received into your hearts.  But you must now also contribute to the spreading of this Word, and no obstacle may deter you from announcing it there, where the souls are in spiritual need.  And therefore I have made it My task for you to work unceasingly .... You are only to pursue the goal that My teaching finds entrance among the people ....

You are to be active according to My will without hesitation, by putting the work for Me before everything else .... Because what I give you, is extraordinary - and so also your readiness for action must be extraordinary, i.e., you must serve Me with all devotion and must not set limits according to your discretion.  I will give you the power at any time, and therefore give Me your whole will and you testify to Me at the same time your love for Me and for My creatures, to whom you bring help in spiritual distress.

And so consider the work for Me as the most important and most significant earthly task, and do not attach too much importance to the earthly activity, if I give you this task, which is far more necessary and urgent, because it is supposed to result in eternal success .... Earthly activity only benefits the body, but spiritual care benefits the soul and is therefore everlasting and far more necessary for it.

And so I want that My children let themselves be guided by Me, that they serve Me willingly and always only carry out what My love commands them, because only that has lasting value what refers to the spiritual life.  And if I need you, you are not allowed to resist Me, but you must join Me with full will and let the world hear about My visible expression of will, because I need this will of yours if I want to help the many erring people and send them help .... You must always know that you are only the executors of My will if your will does not consciously oppose it.  And therefore obey the voice in your heart, which will clearly announce it to you, if you are to serve Me ....



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