Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1149 26.10.1939

Uniting with God ....

In a relatively short time, the soul is able to unite with the spirit, if man is seriously interested in entering into connection with the eternal Godhead and thus tears down all barriers which were erected between him and the heavenly Father.  The will to unite with God, removes one obstacle after the other, because the biggest obstacle was the turning away from the eternal Godhead out of free will.  The more intimately the earthly child strives for union, the more openly he now declares his will, and it is therefore his thoughts being on the right track, that leads to the realization of the eternal truth.

It will now also shun the lie and lose all arrogance, it will do everything to be in the will of the eternal Divinity, and it will consciously discard what could be an obstacle to the union with Him, and man can achieve this in a short time and redeem himself, because the love and the desire for the Father lets the child find the right way. .... The Father draws the child to Himself by virtue of His love, he finds no resistance, and so the union can take place in a short time.  And now the earthly child can continue it's way on earth, but is so to speak relieved of the heaviness of earth, because it's spirit no longer dwells on this earth, but in high and highest regions.

And the now following time on earth is to be called incomparably successful, because to be united with God, means to be able to work in His will and therefore to carry out what is Divine will.  Then man is driven by the Spirit of God .... he can do nothing else than what God prescribes to him, i.e., he feels in his deepest heart the order of the Father as urging and then carries it out with fullest conviction and devotion .... He is visibly guided and determined to do this or that, and willingly follows every call of the Father, only always listens to the voice of the heart and carries out the instructions that come to him, noticeable in the heart.

And so man must only overcome the one thing, to let his own will rule .... he must place himself completely under the Divine will and accept it without hesitation, if it is conveyed to him through the voice of the heart.  Then all hostile influence will soon disappear, and man can now undoubtedly rely on the inner whisperings, and he will soon recognize the Divine will as the driving force of his actions, because he must now always do what is imparted to him by God Himself .... The eternal Divinity expresses Himself clearly and understandably and therefore not in the least doubtful.

The Spirit out of God can cause everything in man, if He is granted full freedom .... He is therefore able to do everything, because the working of the Spirit is nothing other than God's working, and consequently the man who has thus completely entered into the will of God, will bring about the most wonderful things, because it is not his spirit, but the Spirit of God Who works in him.  Therefore, first strive for union with God .... seek to become completely one with Him .... enter into His will, and you will then only carry out God's will and what He has called you to do since eternity ....




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