Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1152 29.10.1939

Self-conceit ....
Self-knowledge ....

This is man's worst enemy, that his self-conceit does not leave him, because he is in such condition without self-knowledge. .... He sees himself in a false light and therefore does nothing but increase it, instead of calling himself to account in all humility, recognizing his mistakes and shortcomings and fighting them.  Every striving for perfection must be preceded by recognition, but he who sees himself in the mirror of righteousness and inviolability, does not strive upward, but imagines himself already above; he also has no desire for higher development, because he does not become aware of his deficient state of maturity.  And he will also seldomly accept a hint in this regard, because he is aware of his value and therefore he is immensely distant from the true recognition of the state of his soul.

And it will therefore be very difficult to make clear to a man convinced of the value of his personality, the necessity of striving for perfection, because he will always find this with his fellow men, but never with himself ..... He does not recognize his own greatest fault and thus finds it difficult to find the way to knowledge .... he has a certain excessive sense of self which prevents him from humbly entrusting himself in supplication to the Father in heaven, and thus this sense of self is the greatest enemy of his soul .... he does not bow down before the Father .... and still less does he serve ....

And this prevents him from the higher development of his soul, because man can reach nothing high, if he does not strive consciously for it .... and again he will not strive for something what he believes to possess.  Only who thinks himself small and weak, asks for help ..... But the great and strong one does not believe to need it.  And therefore he goes out empty and has to expect in the end no ascent, because every height must be striven for.

If now the self-feeling of a man is so strongly developed, then also the distance from the eternal Godhead is not quite understandable to him, and he does now for his part nothing about decreasing this distance ..... On the contrary, he allows the earthly world to influence him so that the distance from God becomes more and more apparent, because he believes himself to be so knowledgeable that he rejects everything that is offered to him for the salvation of his soul, always starting from the point of view of his inviolability and his value.

He considers himself exemplary and does not want to accept anyone else, he does not accept any teachings and is still rejecting if a transformation of his nature is demanded of him, because this seems to him to be above everything and yet is the greatest obstacle on the way to the right knowledge, because only he can reach the height, who imagines himself to be in the deepest depth .... because the latter asks God intimately for His help, which is lovingly granted to him by the Father, while the latter does not believe himself to be so needy as to ask for the Father's help, and thus also cannot reach the top without any help ....




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