Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1357 27.3.1940

Education ....
Protection against wrongful teaching ....
Spirit of God

The regulated exchange of thoughts from spirit to spirit is a continuous instruction of man, whose knowledge still has gaps and who shall be enabled one day to appear likewise as a teacher in earthly circles.  The world beyond is still undiscovered by man, for only a few have been able to learn the purest truth.  Man has always tried to lift the veil that is spread over it by God's wisdom and to fathom things that were of interest to him, but these efforts are seldom based on the pure desire for truth, the urge to know about divine work - it was rather a certain earthly curiosity that was the impetus for such research and therefore the results were not always free of error.

Because the person whose desire for knowledge is based on earthly impulses, very easily gets into the danger to be used by the opponent's side to spread errors; because everything what is dear to the man to hear, the opponent's forces put into his mind.  Therefore, the conclusions or results will always correspond to what the person has imagined .... and these imaginations again are more or less corresponding to the truth, depending whether a desire for truth around spiritual things is predominant or only minimally present in the person.

However, if constant contact with spiritual power is initiated .... If a person has succeeded in awakening the Divine Spirit in himself through his way of life, so that He now teaches him, this awakening of the Spirit of God in man already presupposes the deepest desire for truth, and the invocation of good spiritual power - the prayer for God's blessing and grace - protects the now receiving earthly child from every error, and thus the results of such regular teaching are in accordance with the truth, and now it can be confidently built upon that and every train of thought can find its starting point therein.

It is true that man is very easily in danger to stumble, i.e.., However, the Spirit of God in the human being will then not express Himself or will do so with great difficulty and thus immediately lead the receiving earthly child back onto the right path, but the Spirit of God can never consciously lose Himself in error, and a person who is concerned with serving the Lord God will never, for reasons of self-love, give up his desire for truth and allow himself to record and write down untruths. ....

Because a man, who is given such a task, is well aware of it; his endeavor is only meant for the spiritual welfare of fellowmen, and therefore the Spirit out of God in man refuses to bring error into the world. Therefore a pure spiritual connection from earth to the hereafter will be the safest protection against erroneous teachings, because he who stands in this connection seeks the truth, and the giver is likewise a bearer of truth, since the seeker of truth always attracts only spiritual teachers.  Therefore, nothing untruthful finds entrance into this circle, because the desire for truth itself creates the limits, which an untruthful being cannot cross.

As long as the aspiration of the instructed people is to serve only God and the truth, as long as man only strives to receive the Divine grace and thereby to mature in body and soul, as long as no success causes him to exploit his received gifts on earth, but only the motive of loving God and the neighbor motivates him to establish that connection with the beyond, as long as the giver of what man receives will also be God Himself and every result will therefore be purest truth .....




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