Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1362 30.3.1940

Jesus' death on the cross ....

To imagine the death of Jesus on the cross with all inwardness is so infinitely blessed for the upward-striving soul.  It was the moment of greatest bodily weakness and spiritual strength.  Jesus saw His end coming, and His Spirit was already dwelling with the Father, but the body was still forced to the earth by the greatest pains, and the soul suffered excessive torments because of the darkness of those who were responsible for His death.  The suffering of dying on the cross was unspeakable, and only a deeply feeling soul can imagine the humiliations that increased the suffering of His soul.  He heard from the depths of hell the most bitter insults, His body was ostracized .... the whole world was dark and lightless, and the greatness of the guilt of sin lay as a tremendous burden on His shoulders ....

He bore this burden and sent up the words: "Father, forgive them ...." His soul was love, the most intense, self-sacrificing love for all those people who were to blame for His unspeakable suffering.  He drank the cup to the full, His body weakened, until at last the soul separated and ascended to the Father ..... Jesus' death on the cross is of such inconceivable importance for mankind, and yet this greatest work of love and mercy is given so little attention ..... Only the person who is in love, is able to measure the greatness of it - but Jesus' death is meaningless to people without love, because they lack any feeling for the sacrifice Jesus Christ made in supreme love.

For the Divinity of Jesus .... the Spirit of God, which exists in Him in all fullness, withdrew from Him at the hour of death, and the man Jesus accomplished this act for the redemption of mankind from all guilt of sin.  Therefore, man suffered, He tasted the hour of death without any relief, the body and the soul suffered unimaginable pain .... because only in this way could the work of redemption be accomplished, so that the suffering of mankind became less .... only in this way all guilt of sin could be redeemed, so that great love bore the suffering, which this guilt of sin necessarily entailed.

The world has no more understanding for this greatest work of love of a human, it passes it by carelessly - yes, it tries to devalue it by attaching no more importance to it than to the deed of an idealist, whose motives were only later substantiated as the Christian teaching does today.  But with it exactly man's redemption is questioned, the thought of redemption is rejected and therefore Jesus Christ is recognized only as a world-historical person, but a spiritual connection with the whole of mankind, is denied His death.  And this completely wrong thinking of the people has made it necessary that the Lord again mercifully takes care of the people, that He imparts the pure truth to them, so that faith in the redemption through Jesus Christ does not get lost among the people, but becomes alive in them again .....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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