Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1371 4.4.1940

Sympathy of the otherworldly beings in the fate ....

Only those who unhesitatingly surrenders to the guidance of the spirit-beings caring for them, will feel the power of these beings in manifold ways.  It is a certain sympathy for the fate of every single human being.  In their love, they are anxious to make the earthly existence beautiful for the people - however, they always have to submit to the Divine will and cannot change or improve the fate on their own authority, because they always have to consider the immature state of soul of the human being, and their excessive love would be very little suitable to deny the earth's people what they desire.

However, they always seek to offer man a substitute for what Divine wisdom denies them.  This is now to be understood in such a way that the spiritual-perfect subordinates itself to the will of God, but it takes into account the will of man insofar that it gives him every possible help in earthly existence, especially when man submits devotedly to the Divine will.  Because now it is no longer a disadvantage for the earthly life, if he stands in the realization that everything is Divine providence and therefore must somehow be a blessing for man.




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