Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1405 2.5.1940

Receiving the Divine Word is an unusual grace ....

It is an unusual grace to be allowed to receive the Word of the Lord, it also gives man on earth extraordinary strength to strive upwards.  The smallest hint, if it is followed, promotes the soul in it's development, and it is spared so many hours of doubt and weakness of faith, which a man must overcome, if he does not truly find the inner connection with God.  For the reception of the Word is always only the effect of the most intimate connection with the heavenly Father.  And the Father will always consider those children accordingly, who come to Him in all intimacy and who need to communicate with Him in the most childlike way.

The strength of the desire for God is always the standard with which also the power from God is measured out to him.  And man can achieve unbelievable things, the more intimately he gets in touch with God, because unbelievable power also goes to him.  The complete "surrender to the Lord" will result in being completely permeated with Divine power, and then it will be possible for the earthly child what is incomprehensible for the fellow human beings.  It only requires the will to serve God and to help the fellow men to be worthy of the extraordinary grace of receiving Divine words.  For this will testifies that man strives to fulfill the commandments of God ..... To love the Lord God above all things and his neighbor as himself.  He desires, as it were, the Word for the salvation of the souls of his fellow men, he recognizes the spiritual need and wants to remedy it by enlightening his fellow men.

And this will earns him the Divine gift of grace, because everything that wants to serve God is welcome to the Lord on earth as in the hereafter.  Only serving in love brings salvation, although the struggle on earth for the salvation of erring souls, is often a difficult one and the good will of man usually meets with hard resistance.  God's love is unceasingly directed at these erring souls, and if the person also stands in love and only makes himself available to the Lord as a mediator, God's love can work through this person without appearing to the person as a compulsion to believe.  For it would be easy for God to make His will audibly known to man, but the consequence of this would not be creatures who voluntarily desire Him, but creatures fulfilling His commandments in fear and blind obedience, who could never attain the childship of God, as controlled beings.

But if God makes use of a mediator to whom He reveals His will .... these revelations now make the fellow human being suspicious on the one hand, but on the other hand do not force him to accept them as Divine revelations, so the freedom of will is left to man; no compulsion makes man unfree, and this is of greatest importance.  Every man must come to the Father of his own will .... he must seek God, then God will also let Himself be found, and indications of God's eternal glory are sufficiently offered to man, so that he can send his thoughts to the Creator and also desire Him .... The consciousness of being able to receive power from God, is something exceedingly glorious, it lifts man above the heaviness of earth, and his earthly life is truly an easier one than without the recourse to this Divine power.  So many are called ....

Everyone has the possibility to use the power from God, to get in touch with Him and thus to be a carrier of the Divine power. .... But only a few are chosen ..... Only a few take advantage of the Divine offer and willingly receive the power through their desire for the Lord.  And thus God can only consider a few who intimately unite with Him and, declare their consent by wanting to work with Him and for Him.  Serving .... God and your neighbor .... is your life's task, which you can accomplish easily and effortlessly, if you use the strength from God.  And God shares it with everyone who wants to receive it ....

You cannot measure the grace which is due to all of you, which you only have to use and which earns you unbelievable blessings .... which guarantees your higher development and can form you still on earth into a being of light if you recognize it as that and desire it .... And if you receive the Word which informs you of the Divine will, you also receive the power to fulfil this will at the same time.  You must not worry that you cannot carry out what God asks of you, because He Himself is with you in the Word, He strengthens and invigorates you and enables you to do everything that corresponds to His will.  And that is why you are to submit to everything what He demands of you, without hesitation.  Because if you only want, you will succeed in everything that corresponds to Divine will.

Unbelievable things can be achieved by the person whose will is only meant for God .... who only strives towards Him, because God's wisdom and love recognizes his will and gives him strength for his intention.  And the received Word will always be the greatest strength-giver ..... Whoever takes this into himself, will become tangibly aware of the power; his faith will grow stronger, his energy will be stimulated and his will will always and constantly submit to the Divine will, and thus man will be able to have a redeeming effect on himself and his fellow human beings already on earth ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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Therefore we are looking for translators who would like to help us to continue translating this work into English.

As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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