Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1414 11.5.1940

Purification process ....

The purification process to which every soul is exposed, will last until the earthly walk has been completed, because not before this is finished, is the soul free of dross and consequently also not yet worthy of the approach to the highest and purest Being, to the eternal Godhead.  For every imperfection separates the being from God, who is perfection Himself. 

And therefore the state of perfection must first be reached before union with the eternal Divinity can take place, the being must have dismissed every impurity, it must be without fault, it must have purified itself completely, and for this the walk on earth was indispensable .... It was the only possibility to shape the being as it has been destined to be since eternity .... into a God-like being, into a being which is absorbed in love, which serves in love and now in turn carries out the same mission again, to lead imperfect beings to perfection.  Before this process is not completely accomplished, union with God cannot take place. ....

But God longs for His creatures, the Father wants to win His children over, and therefore His infinite love seeks to shorten the way for them.  He provides them with all possibilities to get rid of the dross, He gives them tasks which solution earns them progress, He offers them help which also accomplish purification in a shorter time - and in the last stage, He leaves it up to the being to redeem itself from the bound state ..... He gives him power of cognition, He grants the being all help and only requires from him only his free will .... but assures him for this, the most light-full state in the hereafter.  And therefore just the love of God Himself has also imposed those states on man, which would have to cause the being to highest striving, if it is also his will to escape from the banished state.

And again God must send suffering to man to steel the will to become free from it [matter].  All suffering has the sole purpose making the being long for God, because only then the Divine grace can come into action - and without grace, the strength of man would again be too small to free himself, and the will becomes active only then when it recognizes the meaning and purpose of what it strives for.  Since the will of man is required, it must be influenced by suffering and distress in such a way that it turns to where final redemption beckons .... to the eternal Godhead, Who in His love, always seeks to shorten the suffering state of the being .....




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