Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1423 18.5.1940

Right thinking ....
Reducing the distance from God ....

Do not resist the thoughts which play around you.  Know that spiritual beings constantly look after you, that they try to supply you with spiritual power, that they want to impart to you what is right, what is truth ...., that they want to direct your thoughts in such a way that they are a blessing for you, because if you think right, you are seized by Divine Love.  Now Divine Love has power over you, while the power of the adversary over you is broken ..... And this is unspeakably important for life on earth.  To think correctly, reduces your distance from God .... To think correctly, has the consequence that the human being ennobles itself and God Himself can therefore take more and more possession of the being, because it surrenders itself to Him.

For man desires God, if he thinks correctly ..... He is seized by the love of God, and this inevitably draws the being to himself, while distance from God, means lack of Divine Love.  If now man's thinking is influenced in such a way that he cannot help but long for God, then this is a sign that those beings who try to impart thoughts to him, are likewise connected to God, that they therefore try to have an effect on man in a good sense and that therefore those thoughts can be willingly yielded to, because they will have an effect on man in no other way than good.

On the other hand, man is always in danger of wrong thinking if the object of his thoughts is not God, but the world.  For the world is the kingdom of evil, the world is the kingdom of him who tries to separate humans from God, who seeks to increase his power and wants to direct the will of man in such a way that he turns fully to him only - i.e., desires everything worldly from the bottom of his heart.  And this desire is the admission that the distance from God is right for man, that he does not suffer from it, but feels well and strives for the approach to the opposite pole of God.  And man then stands in the wrong thinking, he does not yield to the influence of the good forces, but willingly accepts the whisperings of the forces standing in the service of the adversary, which are therefore likewise distant from God and lack Divine Love.

How unspeakably important it is to stand in the correct thinking, can be seen in that the activity of the light-beings constantly consists of directing people's thoughts into the right direction, because to think correctly, also means to know .... To think correctly, means to stand in truth, and correct thinking therefore also assures man the knowledge of everything Divine.  And whoever knows God correctly, also desires Him .... whoever desires Him, reduces the distance from God through his desire, because his will consciously turns to God ....

And so the will of man is meant for God, the spell - which has weighed on the being through eternities - is broken.  Man has passed the life-test on earth, he has returned to God of his own free will .... he has broken the connection with the opposite pole of God and has entered the intimate connection with God.  His thinking has been right, he has willingly yielded to those forces which are active for his redemption by accepting their thoughts and letting them have an effect on him and thus made those thoughts his own.

For what man thinks, determines his actions .... Correct thinking will also let him act correctly, and correct acting is the fulfillment of the Divine commandments.  Man will therefore always fulfill the Divine commandments, if his thinking is correct, because he uses the spiritual power offered to him in the right sense - he uses it to serve God and his neighbor ....




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