Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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The essence in the solid form ....
Material ....

To recognize the essence (beingness) in the creation of God, presupposes a certain knowledge, because without this knowledge, man sees only the so-called dead matter, but not the essence which this matter holds in itself.  The creation of God can however only be visible to man if it holds essence in itself.  That which is visible to the human being as matter, is therefore by no means dead.  Everything lives, also the solid form which appears lifeless in itself.  Only the spiritual hidden in it is still in the lowest degree of maturity, therefore condemned to inactivity, as every low being will always be inactive and just the increased activity of a being or any creation, also reveals a higher state of maturity.

The development of the plant- and animal- worlds progresses however considerably faster than those in the solid form.  Because it always entails violent means to redeem the spiritual from the solid form, which happen either by the will of God - i.e. naturally - or by human hand.  The former are decided according to plan in deepest wisdom, so the spiritual in the form is matured and therefore should become free.  This happens through natural catastrophes, which completely reshape creations of unspeakably long life within a short time, so that by the shattering of the formerly solid form, the bound in it becomes free.

In the other case, people themselves contribute to redeem the banished from the solid form by wanting to reshape existing material and for this purpose crushing it, dissolving it and putting it together in a different form again.  Every work of destruction based on a certain purpose .... therefore means advantage for other creations .... has for the being an opportunity to serve as a result and is therefore wanted by God .... provided that everything which is now created by human hand, corresponds to His Divine will - i.e. that no low motives are based in it .... e.g. damage done to the neighbor, or everything that is disadvantageous for people or any creation.

The frequent reshaping of that which holds spiritual in itself, is only great blessing for the being and is gratefully welcomed by it, if the new outer form serves some useful purpose.  The form and therefore also the spiritual in this form, now serves - and this serving earns it again a new shaping, and so on, until the form around the being becomes less and less burdensome .... and the transformations proceed faster and faster.

This development of all essence, is not often recognizable to the human being and is therefore much too little considered, but if the human being imagines the many objects which purpose is to serve him .... if he now considers that all these objects carry spiritual life in themselves .... if he finally imagines that he himself has already lived through this captivity and likewise had to endure endless times of agony and being under bondage, then he will consider every work of creation only in this thought .... but he will also pay more attention to his earthly life and thus also recognize the responsibility he bears towards his soul .... He will help the spiritual in the solid form to liberation if possible and also strive himself to always serve God and his fellow man to redeem himself from the last form, through service ....




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