Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1494 27.6.1940

Erroneous thinking of God-denying people ....

The train of thought of a person who denies God can never lead to the right result because all prerequisites are missing. The evil beings are connected to such a person through the same attitude, since they also rebel against God. The strength of such God-opposing beings is now likewise active and seeks to express itself where the same attitude and the same will exists, and is also accepted there without resistance. However, the thinking of these beings is wrong, for right knowledge would also lead them to God, love Him and be submissive to His will. Consequently, this wrong thinking must also be transferred to the human being .....

The truth, however, can only be experienced by beings who are turned towards God. A being which is connected to God is in the light, i.e. in the knowledge of truth, and therefore only distributes truth. Dark beings, on the other hand, are in error and can only spread error. And thus truth can only be found through God, since God Himself is truth and thus He Himself has to be desired or acknowledged in order to also stand in purest truth and deepest knowledge. Therefore, it is impossible for an unbelieving, God-rejecting or God-denying human being to ever solve the great problem that is the whole of creation for humanity. To solve this, man must be a believer .... He must seek God in order to be guided into truth through the eternal Godhead.

It is true that the adversary apparently works with the same means. He, too, seeks to influence people's thoughts and to awaken in them the conviction that they have come close to the truth, and the result of this is people's self-confident attitude, who are without faith and try to explain everything in creation in a completely opposite sense to the truth. They lack all knowledge but are so imbued with their opinion that they believe themselves to be completely superior and reject every instruction a believing person would like to give them about God and His working. The former expresses the self-conceit that separates everything impure and imperfect from God .....

But the pure truth can only be attained through humility, for standing in truth is a great gift of grace from God which, however, can only be given to the humble person, for he recognises his distance from God and desires to return to Him, and his desire is fulfilled by giving him light .... And light is knowledge .... Light is truth .... Thus the true believer need not be disturbed if counter-objections are made to him by unbelievers, for no matter how convincingly they are put forward they cannot correspond to the truth, because the originators of these thoughts are themselves the greatest opponents of truth; because they fight everything that signifies light and because they are opposed to God Himself and therefore can never stand in truth ....


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