Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1498 29.6.1940

Education for right thinking .... Faith ....

People should be educated to think correctly and this in itself is a task which requires helpful beings both on earth and in the beyond. If humanity pursues completely wrong ideals, if it strives for the exact opposite of what is the actual purpose of earthly life, then its thinking is wrong and it is the task of those who think rightly to instruct them and provide them with clarification. However, every help is usually rejected, and therefore a transformation of thinking is extremely difficult to achieve. Every assertion has to be proven to people with evidence, and they will not allow themselves to be convinced until this evidence has been given to them.

But the spiritual can never be proven, and in order to think correctly the human being must make use of spiritual help, that is, he must believe in spiritual activity. Only then can this working appear in such a way that the human being's thinking is ordered, that is, that it is right. Therefore, in order to educate people to think correctly they must be informed that spiritual beings look after people, that they have influence on all earthly events in the individual's life and that they are always and constantly willing to lovingly assist the human being, to advise him, to give him strength and to guide him on his earthly path.

Only when the human being has familiarised himself with such thoughts will he, if he is in need of help, try to make use of these beings surrounding him and leave himself to their guidance. And then these beings can have an unhindered effect on people's thinking. And their thinking must now be right .... Even now the spiritual working cannot be proven to him but he feels it himself and no longer needs proof, for if he thinks correctly it is easy for him to believe ..... But it is precisely this conviction that is extremely difficult to teach people in a time that denies and fights everything spiritual.

Humanity lives in a completely different world, in a world that is the stark opposite of the spiritual world ..... In order to dare to take the leap from this world into the spiritual kingdom, the human being must first go through great spiritual upheavals, or else he must be so permeated by love that the spiritual kingdom becomes his home of its own accord, towards which he strives. But without earthly hardship and without love the human being does not recognise anything supersensible, his thoughts will always deviate far from what is right before God, and it is difficult to direct them towards recognition. Faith is necessary in order to think correctly .... faith in God and in spiritual activity .... But if this faith is not present, the human being will never be able to follow a line of thought which leads to correct knowledge. He will always take the wrong path, he will grope and search and yet constantly err.

Only when the human being prays, when he himself recognises his inability, will he become enlightened, for then he will request the strength which he previously refused to acknowledge ..... And now his thinking will be clear, he will suddenly know that without spiritual strength right thinking is impossible. He will realise that orderly thoughts are a gift of divine love which can only be received by someone who consciously desires divine love ...., who thus acknowledges and makes use of the strength from God ....



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