Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1499 30.6.1940

Struggle .... and motive thereof ....

The awareness of having accomplished a noble deed will always give the human being a feeling of inner satisfaction because he recognises what his purpose is and has thus fulfilled his task. And thus everything that is pleasing to God will make the human being free and happy, but what goes against divine will will oppress him as long as he recognises the injustice, thus he himself knows that he has done wrong. Likewise, a battle waged for right and justice, waged for the sake of a good cause, will not go against divine will, for it is always the good, the divine, which is to be promoted by it, as long as greed and injustice are not the cause of the battle.

Fighting for a just cause will always meet with God's approval, for the human being is supposed to stand up and take care of the spreading of what is right and good. And this will always be the case if discord has resulted in grievances which are to be remedied. However, the human being must always allow the same rights to apply, also to his opponent ..... He must grant his opponent what he himself desires, he must not only claim the power and the right of the strongest, he must mildly and wisely try to settle every dispute like a father and only then fight with the weapon if his reproaches are not heeded in a good way. Then right is on his side.

And thus man will be compelled to distinguish whether a fight arises from the feeling of right and justice or from hatred and greed, if he wants to fathom the justification of it. He will have to consider how far the actions of the challenger correspond to divine commandments, for if God's blessing is demanded, the will of the fighter must also be to fight for God and His commandments, His demands which He makes on people. God's blessing can only be requested for a cause that is God-willed, but never for a beginning that visibly bears the stamp of evil.

Fighting for right and justice will always correspond to God's will. How different is the concept of right and justice .... This is what needs to be clarified .... The erroneous thinking of men has produced a conception which threatens to stifle every sense of right. Right is what corresponds to the commandment of love .... Right is what God has made known to people through His commandments .... Right is that which does not violate divine order, and divine order is always the divine will .... Therefore, all just actions must correspond to the divine will.

But God wants people to love Him and their neighbour as themselves. If this commandment is the basis of all action, man will always be right and just. "Vengeance is Mine", says the Lord .... If the neighbour has sinned against the human being, he should not take revenge but leave it to the Lord, but the urge to take revenge is usually the cause of a fight, combined with greed for possessions and the desire for power. But this cannot be right before God. Then all divine commandments are disregarded, there is no fight against an offender in a just way, but the fighter adds a far greater offence to the existing one, so that he in turn retaliates, often in the cruellest way.

And to call upon God to strengthen his power is presumptuous, for he expects God to approve an injustice and to bless a beginning that is born of bad thoughts which do not have their origin in love but in hatred against fellow human beings. Therefore you humans must distinguish and always measure how far the commandment of love for God and one's neighbour is observed by those who fight against each other.



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