Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1500 2.7.1940

Knowledge of the transient and the imperishable ....

It is extremely important to know about the transience of everything earthly and about the responsibility towards that which is imperishable. People lack the evidence for the imperishability of the soul, they therefore try to weaken or deny everything that has this imperishability of the soul as a prerequisite, and thus they take little account of this imperishability. And this is the result of ignorance of the fact that a spiritual life can be lived alongside earthly life and that only this spiritual life brings the human being imperishable success. The spiritual life alone is of importance, even though it is apparently only the accompanying life of earthly existence .....

Earthly life can certainly be led without any connection with the spiritual, but this is completely unsuccessful for eternity. However, once the human being focuses his attention on the soul's immortality, if he reckons with this factor, he already consciously takes responsibility for the soul. And his efforts will now be directed towards collecting spiritual treasures, for he now recognises everything that is earthly good as worthless, because he knows that none of it lasts but has to pass away according to divine law. Therefore he holds on to what he recognises as imperishable, i.e. he seeks it first in order to make it his own .....

And imperishable things are spiritual things .... Thus he seeks the spiritual and also finds it, for God supports this intention because it corresponds to the actual purpose of earthly life. Once the human being has gained knowledge of what is of value to strive for in eternity, his sense of responsibility towards the soul becomes ever stronger and he lives a second life, as it were, which is completely separate from his actual earthly life. He establishes spiritual contacts, he lets his thoughts wander upwards into the spiritual kingdom, he communicates with spiritual beings, confides in them, asks for information and advice, he lets them teach him, and he does everything in order to increase his spiritual knowledge ..... Thus he consciously strives for the imperishable, and to the same extent he will learn to despise earthly life, i.e. everything that is transient.

Thus he is still on earth, yet he detaches himself from earthly heaviness and is far more often in the spiritual realm than on earth. Therefore, the human being must first be given the knowledge of the worthlessness and nullity of everything he can see and grasp, and at the same time spiritual knowledge must be presented to him so that he can then decide for himself which life is more appealing to him ..... He must surrender the treasures of the world, he must try to satisfy his desire in a different way than with earthly pleasures. He must willingly surrender these in order to be able to receive spiritual pleasures. He must be clear to himself that only the imperishable, the soul, has to be considered during earthly existence, but that it is not possible to satisfy both at the same time, thus in order to receive imperishable good, earthly good can also be desired. One must be given in order to be able to receive the other ....

The human being has to decide, he has to let his will become active, and this can only apply either to the earthly desirable or to the riches of the soul. .... Man must choose between transient and imperishable good .... (2.7.1940) And he will be blessed whose spirit recognises the value of the imperishable good .... For it will now also become apparent to him that striving for it will at the same time also bring the human being close to God. And he will feel the bond with God if he disregards the transient and only seeks to enrich himself with spiritual good.

His state of soul is considerably freer, since matter, i.e. earthly desirable things, are no longer desired and therefore overcome, thus the soul's fetters have been loosened by the desire for imperishable, spiritual good. And this freedom is incomparably successful. In his now unbound state he is inconceivably active and seeks the connection with what is likewise spiritual. And the union with this imparts wisdom and light .... to him in the form of knowledge, which he now wants to bring to his soul again.

Thus the human being is guided into truth and the soul now participates in all spiritual wealth. For it receives, as it were, the spiritual strength which has come to the spirit from God through multiplication with spiritual substances. A soul thus permeated by the divine spirit must irrevocably ascend, for its goal was to reach the highest possible spiritual level, which is now achieved by overcoming everything that belongs to earth, which is therefore transient and therefore worthless for eternity. This increase of the spiritual means liberation from form, and thus the human soul is united with the spirit from God, it is truly imperishable, i.e., it lives in eternity .....



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