Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1503 4.7.1940

Law and Justice ....

And justice will triumph .... Even if it seems that injustice rules everything, the hour will come when it will be revealed which spirit is the driving force behind what fills humanity with astonishment and admiration. The sense of justice is unmistakably extinguished, and yet most people lack this realisation. And this characterises the present time, that no human being strives to do justice to his neighbour, and thus there is also great unkindness amongst people, the spirit of discord dominates them, they only seek to harm each other and do not ask for justice and righteousness.

And God leaves people freedom of will, He does not hinder them in their thoughts and actions until injustice has taken on such proportions that God's justice opposes it. And then the doings of the evil one will be brightly illuminated, for he who disregarded all justice will be handed over to the judgement. For God is exceedingly wise and just ..... He cannot let evil rage unpunished and abandon the good to it, He must come to the aid of the righteous and expose the shameful deeds of the unrighteous ..... He sets a limit to his activities, and this limit will soon be reached ....

And people who had to suffer for the sake of injustice will breathe a sigh of relief .... who have an inherent sense of justice and yet had to bow to the force which forced everything down. For what resisted it was abandoned to it .... But the victory of justice will be recognised everywhere and will give rise to faith in God, Who judges and punishes people according to merit .... Who allowed the adversary's activity until the deepest hopelessness but now puts an end to his rage and intervenes with His omnipotence. And this time is imminent.

Humanity suffers under the arbitrariness of criminal violence, it is powerless in the face of it ..... Yet God Himself will release them from it and bind Satan anew so that humanity's faith in God's justice, love, wisdom and omnipotence will arise anew. For He hears the prayer of those who call upon Him for help in greatest adversity, He does not let them call in vain and sends them the Saviour at the right time ..... He comes to their aid in a way which obviously reveals His righteousness, and He banishes the evil power ....



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