Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1529 19.7.1940

Activity of the light beings requires deepest knowledge ....

Everything that has its origin in God is destined for eternal life. For God is life, light and truth, therefore that which has come forth from Him must also live if it stands in light and truth. For living means being active, and only the knowing human being can be active according to God's will. Activity in eternal life requires deepest knowledge of everything that exists in God's work of creation. The being must have penetrated divine wisdom, it must master and recognise everything; it must stand in the same knowledge in order to be able to create the same. Lack of knowledge is an obstacle to the fulfilment of the task given to it as a being of light.

Countless entities emerged from a power which strove towards God .... all these entities have to be guided into the form which suits them, they have to take countless paths in countless changes, always directed and guided by divine will, which is again carried out by beings of light serving God, and all these beings of light have to be in knowledge in order to be able to comply with divine will. The active will of the individual being only comes into its own in its embodiment as a human being. This will does not always strive towards that which earns it eternal life. Therefore this will also has to be directed again by perfect beings which know about the course through all works of creation and can now influence the human being accordingly so that he uses his will in a form which guarantees eternal life.

It is a battle for such beings in higher development which, however, can only be waged successfully (because) the being of light is in knowledge and knows both the stage as a human being as well as the preliminary stages in detail and now its influence on the human being's will is accordingly. Everything that lives on earth is subject to constant care by these beings of light, every work of creation is entrusted to the beings of light insofar as they constantly influence the spiritual being within it by inducing it into activity .... to be of service and thus constantly impel the being to develop higher.

The light being's will, since it is perfect after all, is also God's will, and thus every work of creation is influenced by divine will. Everything in creation has to carry out the activity which corresponds to God's will, because the driving force is nothing other than divine will. Only in existence as a human being can his free will turn against divine will and thus also destroy a millennia-long process of higher development, if he abuses free will and now no longer serves, but wants to rule again in a sense contrary to God. (Will)

Then the being does not prove itself in order to be able to enter the (eternal life) beyond as a likewise creating being, for it has not used the last stage to penetrate the knowledge of divine truths. Its state is lightless, thus it can never lead to an activity which requires light, i.e. knowledge, to the highest extent. The being on earth did not strive for perfection and consequently cannot work as it is divine will. The being also remains lightless in the beyond until it desires light itself and can now make up for what it missed on earth in the beyond, but for this it now requires utmost strength, which now has to be imparted to it by beings standing in the light.

This is likewise an activity of these beings of light which requires profound knowledge of divine wisdom, since the beings of light now appear as teachers and must know everything in order to be able to proclaim everything. The beings' tasks in the beyond are so varied and all are based on profound knowledge about God and His reign and activity in highest perfection .... Only the knowledge of this enables a being to carry out what is its ultimate purpose ....



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