Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1530 21.7.1940

All Power of God ....
Visible Expression ....

The Most High's perfection of power is doubted by humanity's behaviour, and therefore the Lord God will have to express Himself so that people will recognise Him again and learn to fear Him where they should actually love Him. But in order to recognise Him people have to believe in Him, and this faith shall be awakened through the visible manifestations of His strength and His might. People who do not recognise His loving hand shall feel His punishing hand and now, in adversity, remember a supreme Being and appeal to Him for mercy.

And thus He visibly appears in the clouds of heaven, i.e., He is close to earth ..... He floats down to earth like a cloud .... And He gives dew and rain to the earth .... He opens the source of truth, He waters the thirsty earth with His Word so that strength and refreshment will flow to those who remember Him, so that they will be strong when He visibly expresses Himself. He will come in the clouds of heaven .... Mankind does not believe in it because it does not recognise Him, it is blind and unwilling to believe, it does not pay attention to the signs, it rejects everything that could lead to the recognition of truth.

And if the Lord now wants to express His power, the necessity for this is also given, for where a power is not recognised it has to express itself in its strength, and this is imminent. People no longer hear the voice of their Lord, they only pay attention to the voice of the world, and thus faith in the world, in earthly power, must first be shaken. An event has to occur where earthly power completely fails, where people recognise the powerlessness of those they feared and obeyed until now. They have to realise that this power cannot bring about the slightest change or improvement of their situation and now, in their adversity, turn their thoughts to a power which is above all earthly things .... thus now strive for contact with this power through prayer.

Humanity's thinking is misguided and therefore something has to happen which causes people to think differently, they are, as it were, forced into a different way of thinking where God, i.e. a Power above all, is the centre, and this is no longer possible in any other way than through violent indications, through natural events of inconceivable impact ..... People will be confronted by unimagined difficulties, they will realise with horror that earthly help is impossible .... that they are in a situation where antidotes are ineffective, they are at the mercy of the elements and have to surrender, i.e. to expect their physical end or to call upon divine help, to call upon God in heartfelt prayer, thus to acknowledge a Power above themselves Which can still bring the human being salvation from this adversity.

Only then will the spell be broken, only then will it be possible for God's strength to express itself and flow towards the human being, either to secure his earthly life or to let him pass from earthly life into the beyond in fullest knowledge, which is the equivalent of awakening to life. Earthly life is not the highest fulfilment, but only a means to an end. Once the end has been achieved on earth, however, life can be given up without hesitation, for then the entry into the hereafter is only the moment of release from all earthly heaviness. And even if people's hardship seems unbearable, it is the last opportunity for people to reflect on their actual purpose in life. It is the last means of recognising the omnipotence of God and the worthlessness of earthly goods ....



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