Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1533 22.7.1940

Worldly Achievements ....
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People are still caught in terrible error; they do not recognise the rod of correction that is wielded over them. They are blinded and have no right judgement of the demon that rules them. And this is the cunning of the evil one, to cloak himself with the appearance of righteousness. This is his weapon, which is effective with those who are themselves without falsity. For their minds do not believe in such a game of intrigue by the adversary, and they therefore seek to invalidate all evidence. And it will take even more evil evidence to make these blinded ones see.

The world only sees worldly successes but does not consider how unspeakably poor in spiritual success people are at present; it does not consider what dreadful consequences such a deprived time will conjure up. And since they lack realisation they do nothing to get out of the dismal situation. They live without thinking of their end, they rejoice in every earthly success and seek to attribute it to extraordinary ability. But if they wanted to recognise the desolate state in spiritual terms they would never approve of it but try to remedy it. But their strength is too weak, they have to wrestle with themselves in order to attain clear judgement. Human indications are not enough unless God Himself speaks to them in many ways .....

Only then will they become brighter and turn away in horror from the one who has slowly confused their senses, who uses all the good emotions of a human being for himself and his own advantage. Only the spiritual experience makes earthly life worth living, for only then will the human being have the true joy of life, whereas before the human being hungers for spiritual salvation, but this can only take place if he rejects the world and does not allow himself to be beguiled by mammon or other earthly deceptions.

Only then will they begin to look at everything that happens in the world around them with different eyes, and only then will it be possible for them to form a healthy judgment and learn to despise what they have worshipped until now, that they will try to detach themselves from its influence and faithfully turn to the Lord for deliverance from evil power. Only then will people's spiritual state become higher and the danger of humanity's complete downfall will be eliminated, for then divine strength will be active again, since it is requested and thus also granted for the sake of the soul's salvation.



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