Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1540 26.7.1940

Exceeding the Limits of His Power (Adversary). ....

Innumerable entities came forth from the power of him who strives towards God. The power, however, is from God, for he too is the recipient of divine power. He claimed the right to create according to his will because he was endowed by God with all gifts, thus he was created by God Himself as a perfect being. And he used all these gifts, which were inherent in a perfect being, to apostatise from God, he used all his abilities in a way which was contrary to God's will. Although God's will would suffice to destroy everything created by this power, this is not in His will. What is of Him shall remain in existence for all eternity and become again what it originally was .... power working in divine will .....

God's adversary is granted a period of time for his activity during which he can unfold all power; and he uses this period of time in the most extensive way. He seeks to destroy everything that is divine, that already begins to walk on the path to light. He exerts his influence wherever he finds the slightest appeal, he works with cunning and trickery to get these beings, which want to escape from him, under his power again; he does not shy away from any stroke of violence if it only leads to the goal of turning away from the eternal divinity what has emerged from him. For he does not shy away from openly taking a stand against God by striving to take everything away from his beings .... the belief in a God, in a Power Which controls everything and to Which everything that exists is subordinate ....

Thus he consciously works against God .... and thus fights with a means which was not granted to him by God. For the beings should know about the eternal Deity and decide of their own free will for or against it. However, if the knowledge of the eternal Deity is withheld from them, they have no other path of decision but the path to him, God's adversary. And this is what the adversary strives for, thus he fights with a means which is completely opposed to God's will, so that God's justice has to prevent the adversary from carrying out his intention. For the adversary now exceeds the limits of his power, he illegally interferes with divine laws and arrogates to himself a right to which he is never entitled.

In his arrogance he believes that he can supersede God and become lord over all creations. And God allows him great freedom, after all, He does not even touch this adversary's free will, although it would be easy for Him to destroy him. But He prevents the beings from being completely without knowledge about the supreme Being of God, for this would lead to complete apostasy from God. Hence the beings have to come to a new realisation of an all-dominating power, they have to recognise the powerlessness of the one who wants to be their master ..... Thus they have to be confronted with the choice again to decide in favour of one or the other power.

They must know about both powers in order to be able to decide. But they must not be deprived of the knowledge of the greatest power, as is the will of the adversary now, in order to be able to win the final victory. And thus the adversary's arrogance will earn him a mighty counter-attack. A counter-action will be undertaken by God which will prevent him enormously from his plan. Countless beings will recognise the eternal Deity and want to strive towards it, and they will also receive the strength to free themselves from a force which wanted to achieve the final apostasy from God ........

The adversary himself will be bound, his power will be taken away, i.e. limited, so that he will no longer be able to work to the same extent as before, since he misused the power flowing to him and acquired a power which was not granted to him before God. .... The fact that he openly presumes to fight against God Himself is the reason for God's intervention which is now becoming visible to the whole world, Who wants to avert the dreadful danger of a complete apostasy from God from the beings which have emerged from Him and His strength ....



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