Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1558 7.8.1940

Connection from heaven to earth ....

Unified action will bring great success. And so heaven and earth, the hereafter and the hereafter, unite to serve God and to let a work come into being that shall endure beyond human memory. And what comes into being through the interaction of the power of this side and the power of the other side is from God and testifies to God, and thus it is everlasting because what is from God cannot pass away. Everything that serves God receives the strength from God and must now also work in the divine will. And God's will is to instruct everything that has come forth from Him in truth, and every means He uses must therefore inevitably lead to truth. But truth is everlasting and unchanging, thus always and forever the same.

And the willing ignorant will always be seized by the serving knowledgeable ..... What is in knowledge will always accept the ignorant with love and thus spread the truth in accordance with God's will. And if heaven and earth unite, i.e. if the ignorant earthly child willingly listens to the whisperings of the knowing beings from the kingdom of light, unmeasured truth will be distributed, and this must last forever since it is spiritual strength, thus the outpouring of divine love. And the whole world could be in knowledge and truth if only they were willing ..... But where the human will turns away, divine strength cannot work and cannot express itself. The heart must be open to the spiritual influx, and this also requires the human being's will to accept the truth.

The effort of the beings in the beyond is immense and all their love is meant for the earthly children whose state is still without light ...., i.e., who lack the will. Once a bridge has been built from the kingdom of light to earth by an earthly child who wants to serve God, it will be considerably easier to inform the ignorant of the tireless activity of these beings of light, and once this knowledge is available the beings can also work by linking up with the existing knowledge and mentally providing clarification, as long as it is desired. This desire need not always be a conscious one ..... The human being can also unconsciously ask questions, thus outwardly appear dismissive and yet inwardly long for truth and then be grasped by the truth-dispensers.

And that is tremendously valuable, that a stimulus is offered to the human being at all, which induces him to think or ask questions about unsolved spiritual problems. For such people can only be influenced if they open their hearts after thoughtful questions and thus allow the answer to enter. The beings of light give unflaggingly and unrestrictedly, but only when the gift is requested, consciously or unconsciously. Silent questioning in thought is an unconscious request for knowledge, but prayer is a conscious desire for truth.

The conscious desire requires deep faith, the unconscious desire will mostly come from an unbelieving heart on the part of people who certainly want to know but cannot believe what they are taught about it by fellow human beings. It is easy for the believer to ask for enlightenment from the highest Being Who can give it to him .... The unbeliever, on the other hand, is completely isolated from the great darkness, everything is mysterious to him and yet he, too, can receive enlightenment if his thoughts cling to questions concerning eternity.

The bridge from earth to the beyond, however, is something incomprehensible to most people. It is ignored even when obvious results have provided proof of such a connection, for people do not want to accept anything that could lift the veil which is spread over life after death. If people wanted to see, the veil would fall from their eyes, but they prefer the mysterious, they shun the light and feel more comfortable in the darkness of the spirit.

And if people do not desire enlightenment, they cannot receive it. Therefore every opportunity is used to make people brood, for only then can the activity of the perfected beings of light begin by trying to answer all questions raised, providing the human being is willing to think through the received answer which was conveyed to him by the heart ..... For the will for truth is the first condition for it to be conveyed to him, and everything will also appear more easily acceptable to a willing person, because divine strength will flow to him as long as he seeks the truth ....



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