Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1561 11.8.1940

Hindrance ....
Spirituality ....
Arrogance or unbelief ....

The spirit within you does not command you but leaves it entirely up to your will whether you want to feel its strength or leave it unnoticed. Your share can be its brightest light and knowledge about everything in creation, about the working of blessed spiritual beings, about the advantage of the connections to the beyond, about God's infinite love, wisdom and omnipotence .... but it can also be its deepest darkness of spirit ..... And you may choose at will. No power forces you to belong to it, only otherworldly good but also evil beings fight for your soul, for your free will to turn to them.

So if you are left with complete freedom of decision, you must, on the other hand, receive enlightenment about the responsibility of your decision. It must be suggested to you that you yourselves create the state in the beyond with your earthly way of life. And that is why God conveys His Word to you, i.e. He informs you through His Word of the human being's immense responsibility and the dreadful consequences of a wrongly applied will.

He can only do this by way of truly profoundly faithful people who offer themselves to God for service and completely submit their will to the Lord's will. He gives them a wealth of knowledge so that they can distribute it to those who seek God ..... He gives them the gift of foresight so that people will recognise the truth of what is announced. He lets them gain insight into the activity of the spiritual beings in order to spur them on to most eager soul work. But He will never force you to accept His statements if you are not willing to be taught by the spirit itself. Yet you must recognise from the glimmer of light which emanates from every divine activity of love that the Giver is God Himself ....

There is a connection from heaven to earth even if it cannot be obviously proven to you humans, who blindly walk through earthly life. For everything that is perfect and thus in love wants to help the still imperfect by virtue of this love .... After all, love is the only thing that can redeem you, and therefore the beings of light in the beyond continue the work of redemption precisely because you humans on earth neglect to redeem yourselves through love. And they largely meet you. They know about your inadequate spiritual state and take pity on you because they don't want to let you suffer but cannot spare you suffering for your own sake either.

If they have succeeded in making the working of the divine spirit in the human being understandable to you and to open your ears and hearts to the truths from above, the spirit from God will start to work in you yourselves, and it will not leave anyone out who does not withdraw himself from the working through unbelief or spiritual arrogance. For both are visible evidence of the working of the opposing power, which also does everything in its power to seize the human being's will in order to destroy everything God builds up. For all that is perfect does indeed struggle for the souls but does not force them ....



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