Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1571 17.8.1940

Self-salvation ....
Love ....
Surrender of the Will ....

There can be no salvation for a being that does not submit to the divine will. It is true that he is also constantly receiving indications, the heeding of which can lead him onto the right path if he does not openly oppose it. There is no other possibility of self-redemption than through the surrender of its own will, since this has brought about the apostasy from God. As long as the being resists, as long as it believes itself to be stronger, i.e. as long as it still wants to express itself in an opposing way, a release from the form is impossible.

There is no path to God other than to shape itself into a being of light through service in love. .... And service in love is a conscious submission to the One Who is eternal love Himself. The serving human being will always do something that is a blessing for his fellow human being. He will try to alleviate hardship, help to bear suffering, he will endeavour to improve his fellow human being's lot, and he will always be ready for him. And all this presupposes love, and consequently he will perform those works with God, for all actions in love must unite him with the eternal Love Itself, since God Himself is present in every work of love. And where God is, no other power has space and authority .... Thus the human being is redeemed from this if only he is united with God ....

And to be united with God also means to do everything God prescribes for him to do. It means completely giving up one's own will and letting God's will alone prevail ..... Furthermore, it means to be completely absorbed in divine will, to carry out everything that contributes to self-redemption .... to care for the body and soul of one's neighbour and to serve God in deepest love and humility. It will often not be easy for the being to serve where it would rather rule, yet love for God is the driving force for every service, and this love gives it strength .... For if the human being is inflamed with love for God, the divine love will likewise seize the earthly child and it will feel this love in increased desire for Him .... And it serves ever more joyfully the more intimately it is united with God through love ....



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