Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1576 20.8.1940

Father's Words ....
Preview of the Last Judgement ....

Your life should be love, and everything you do and think should carry love within it. This is the great task you have been given for earthly life and which you should endeavour to fulfil. And therefore the adversary will endeavour to bring you down as often as possible. He will do everything to stifle love in you and to nourish bad feelings, hatred and unkindness in you. For this is his intention, to bind again and take control of that which wants to redeem itself through love. And thus you have to fight so that victory will be yours. In hours of danger you must remember the Saviour, Whose life was nothing but love, Who had to suffer all injustice and yet always remained in the same love, and if you are in danger of becoming weak, pray and you will receive strength through divine love, which moved the Saviour to die for you .....

Great events are imminent and it is a mighty task which you, My servants on earth, still have to accomplish. I will enlighten your spirit so that you will see and recognise the signs .... I will make the day and the hour known to you by sight, I will strengthen your strength and increase your love for Me so that you will work for Me. You have nothing to fear and may only wait for the things which will come upon the earth. For My spirit is always with you and lets you hear and see what remains hidden from others. You will anticipate the Judgment of Judgment Day, you will be in contact with the forces of the beyond which impart supernatural knowledge to you, and thus you will become a willing tool for Me, for I need you and your will ..... You shall prepare the way for Me, you shall first inform people that I have appointed you to proclaim My Word.

I require your will so that you will only be executors of My will, and thus you will then also most clearly recognise and foresee what is ahead of you. I take part in every step you take .... It is I Myself Who tells you to do what you start. I Am always with you in speech, action and thought, and if you see something it is My will, for you should talk about it and are now able to do so with conviction if I have opened up the inner vision for you. And therefore pay attention to what the spirit in you will announce to you, listen to the voice of the heart and pay attention to every movement .... And don't let yourselves be distracted by objections, don't let yourselves be hindered when it concerns fulfilling My will .... take part in all suffering, for love will also make you sensitive ....

Love ennobles you and lets you become perfect, and in a certain state of maturity you will be able to hear and see what remains hidden to the loveless person. And this is My will that you use yourselves for what you have seen .... For you should pass on your knowledge so that it will be accepted by the willing. Anyone who does not accept it will remain in spiritual darkness, only the event itself will make him suspicious. But anyone who expects the coming time with an alert spirit will escape its horrors, for I know My Own .... I let hardship and misery pass them by since they recognised Me. And I take a heartfelt interest in every person's adversity and Am willing to bear everything for them as at the time of My life on earth, as soon as they just stretch their hands up to Me in supplication and entrust their suffering to Me.

And much suffering will befall the earth in order to induce people to stretch out their hands to Me in supplication ..... And therefore I will already inform humanity beforehand, and all people on earth will receive the admonition not to slacken in their work and to proclaim My Word to all who have a willing heart and an open ear, for they will experience extraordinary things and should therefore be armed and consider everything extraordinary as My will and My mission and request strength at all times in order to be able to successfully emerge from this difficult time for their soul ....



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