Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1578 21.8.1940

Admonition to meekness, peaceableness and love ....

The human soul is in constant danger of losing itself as long as it still nourishes impulses within itself which lack love. It is indisputably more difficult to ascend when darkness is taken into account, when love is displaced by hatred, when evil impulses suffocate everything good in the human being and the human being hardens his heart. The human being should always endeavour to bear his fellow human being's weaknesses with patience, he should educate himself to be gentle and peaceful, he should try to change ignoble feelings into love and only ever think of his soul, which he puts in greatest danger through unkindness and hinders its course of development. And again it is advisable to make use of the help of good spiritual beings, for they are constantly at the human being's side and await the caller who will let them intervene helpfully if the human being cannot find the strength to resist the temptations on his own.

Man in his fickleness very often gets into situations which should steel his power of resistance, and he also very often fails. For he does not make use of the strength that is offered to him. He has no willpower for good, and thus bad forces immediately take hold of his will, and their influence is often so devastating, for they awaken feelings in the human being which clearly bear the stamp of the underworld. They destroy what the good beings have built up, they make the human being unwilling and seek to make him unfit for his task on earth by trying to make him unworthy of divine grace.

And this signifies a retrograde step of unheard-of significance for people which should be prevented at all costs, for the ascent from the abyss is significantly more difficult if the human being has previously stood on high ground. The ascent will always be easier but if it is to be started from the abyss then utmost effort is necessary, and this is often lacking in the soul once it has forfeited its own strength. And therefore you should beware of Satan's snares, for he puts all obstacles in your path so that you will stumble and deviate from the right path. And thus you place the soul in greatest danger, for it will feel it painfully if it falls into deep regions again from which it can hardly free itself ....



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