Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1583 25.8.1940

Not recognising the exit from God ....
Sense of belonging ....

The divine beingness in the human being is indissolubly fused with the elementary power, i.e., it can never ever exist in isolation, it can only temporarily regard itself as not connected with the elementary power, but this does not exclude that the connection nevertheless exists. The temporary separation from God is therefore a state created by the being itself which can also be remedied again by itself, thus it is only up to the being's will to change the self-created state and to feel itself as belonging to the eternal Deity.

And thus separation or unification with the highest entity is dependent on the human being's will. For his will establishes the right or wrong relationship, his will causes the approach or distance from God, although the entity cannot completely distance itself from God since it is the outpouring of the divine will of love. A separation from God is therefore impossible, for everything created by God remains in closest contact with God, even though it does not recognise its relationship to God.

In a difficult hour the feeling of separation can suddenly be extinguished and the feeling of belonging together can become extraordinarily strongly conscious, and then this is tremendously significant for the being, for it has recognised its origin and turned towards the One Who is its Creator. The divine beingness in the human being now strives towards the same beingness outside of itself, and the unification of the same spiritual beings takes place, and through the union with spiritual strength the being becomes ever more intimately united with the eternal Deity and thus bridges the separation which never actually existed, only the spiritual distance from God was created by the being itself through not wanting to acknowledge the exit from God.

God Himself has given the being freedom of will in a certain state of maturity and also the ability to be able to recognise its exit, but there is not always a guarantee that the being uses this ability, therefore imagines itself distant from God and feels comfortable in this state far from God. In that case the being is certainly still the same as before .... the emanation of divine will of love and thus indissolubly united with God, but it does not recognise itself and believes that it can travel the earthly path on its own. Then there is only the danger that the whole earthly life will pass without the being becoming aware of its spiritual distance from God, and then this distance will not have been reduced but will continue to exist until the being sees its beginning and end in God .... until the being has gained the realisation that it is inseparably united with the eternal elementary strength and that this realisation triggers supreme bliss in it ....



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