Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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The essence of love ....

The epitome of everything spiritual is love .... It is a force that expresses itself in the life of feelings, which makes people happy in different ways depending on its strength and depth. .... It is a feeling that seeks connection with the object it grasps, that wants to draw everything to itself because the union is unspeakably happy. There is no connection more intimate than the union in love. There is no power stronger than love, love is the ultimate fulfilment and the epitome of all bliss. For love is divine, it is the stream that flows unceasingly through the universe in order to gather up and merge what wants to distance itself unceasingly for the unspeakable happiness of it.

Love is unchanging in itself, it can only choose as the object of its desire something that is distant from God .... And then it is a perverse love which is for evil, thus it seeks union with that which has distanced itself from God. It is the same feeling that expresses itself, but the object of this feeling is a different pole, it is counterforce. And so love can turn towards one pole or the other, and turning towards one will always mean turning away from the other.

Love is therefore, as it were, a feeling which has its origin in God, is sent out into the universe and can now, however, seek unity with its Creator again as well as with His opposite pole, which likewise needs the emanation of power from God, love, in order to be able to rule and be powerful. Every supply of love to this very power increases it, every return radiation to the point of origin decreases the opponent's power and increases the divine power .....

Everything that is connected through love flows inexorably towards the place of origin of love, and since love is something spiritual, something that cannot be grasped but can only be felt with the soul, the place of origin must also be something spiritual .... something unfathomable, something that cannot be perceived with the physical senses. But if this soul-sensing is wasted on earthly things by seeking contact with earthly goods, i.e. with matter which belongs to the kingdom of darkness, then it simultaneously seeks contact with the lord of darkness. It distances itself from its place of origin, it demands the opposite pole of God, and thus it is a perverse love which seeks union with everything spiritual which is in opposition to God.

The love of possessions, of earthly happiness, of earthly life and of all matter is such a perverse love which does not lead to God but to His adversary. And the union with what it desires also only triggers an imperfect feeling of happiness which is limited in time and only signifies an illusory happiness for the being which nourishes such love, whereas pure divine love, which is meant for the spiritual, triggers indestructible happiness on earth already and one day in the beyond, which outlasts eternities ..... For this love leads to God, Who is love Himself ....



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