Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1595 3.9.1940

Filling the commandment to love one's neighbour without love ....

The commandment of neighbourly love certainly obliges you to perform actions which serve your neighbour, yet if you only carry out these actions without feeling the feeling of love for your neighbour you are certainly making an effort to comply with the divine commandment and this will be credited to you as good will, however, such actions lack the redeeming strength. It is more a consequence that you fear God but not that you love Him .... that you acknowledge His might but not His love, kindness and mercy .....

You will fear a mighty Lord, but you will love a loving, kind and merciful Lord again with all the fervour of your heart. And thus you only know God as the Lawgiver, you respect His commandment but you do not hear the voice of love in this Word, which only wants to give you strength by admonishing you to love. Love is the only path by which you can come into possession of the most delicious, the strength from God; thus you must first try to awaken this feeling in yourselves, you must look at your neighbour as your brother who has emerged from the same as you ..... You must bear his suffering and worries in mind and feel for him and now try to reduce this suffering ....

You must fulfil the divine commandments because your heart impels you to do so, and you must always think of yourselves in the same situation, then you will have compassion for your neighbour and try to improve his lot or help him carry it. And then the strength from God can flow to you, you will receive the love you give back a thousand fold, for 'as you measure, so shall it be measured to you ....'. And being allowed to receive God's love makes life easy for you, and then you will want to give out with full hands to the one who offers body and soul. However, you must always kindle love in yourselves .... and do everything of your own free will, not just to fulfil your duty. For every deed done with love awakens reciprocated love, and only the human being will have a redeeming effect if love becomes active in him ....



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