Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1603 8.9.1940

Rationality, reason and free will ....
Presumed Opinions ....
Responsibility ....

It is a certain spiritual inertia that causes man to adopt teachings that are imparted to him by man. Insofar as his own thinking sets in, he will come across contradictions and recognise the flimsiness of what he has been offered. And therefore every human being is responsible for his thoughts and actions. The Creator has given him the gift of being able to use his intellect, and so it is his task to think about what is offered to him, to examine it and only then to take a stand on it. A thoughtless acceptance, only because it is deemed right by the side agreeing with him, is reprehensible. The human being's own judgement should be called upon and he should be able to accept or reject with full conviction, only then will he use the intellect God has given him.

It is an unbelievably erroneous thought to want to uphold a view that was acquired purely intellectually. All pros and cons must be considered, the human being must also try to examine what opposes his own opinion, he must allow himself to be spiritually guided without resistance, i.e. he must not resist his thoughts if they agree with the opposing opinion. He must always and constantly desire the truth and try to eliminate his own thoughts or preconceived opinions as far as possible, then the truth will suddenly come to him from above and he will also recognise it as truth. The only condition is to hand oneself over to God and want what God wants .... to surrender one's own opinion and now let oneself be instructed by God .....

And the human being will truly be instructed correctly; he will suddenly be unable to do otherwise than to consider it right and good what the spirit from God imparts to him. For God lets the spirit speak in those who call upon Him for the sake of truth. God admonishes and warns every person in various ways .... He approaches every person, often unrecognised but always wanting to assist him, He knocks at every person's door and wants to make Himself heard, He wants to guide the thoughts of those who are of good will and He wants to direct this will of truth in order to be able to fill their hearts with His love. .... For love and truth are one, just as unkindness and lies are one. The actions of those who are untrue are unloving, yet those who only desire the truth will also stand in love.

In His infinite love, God gave man intellect, reason and free will ..... And now the human being should use these gifts, he should use his intellect in order to seriously think about humanity's way of acting, when he has recognised he should try to bring his actions and thoughts into harmony with his conviction, and he should use his free will and separate himself from everything that is wrong and unite himself with the truth ....



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