Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1604 9.9.1940

Earthly worries ....
Lack of faith and trust ....

People torment themselves with unjustified worries when they fear for their body's well-being and thereby deprive themselves of the ability to accomplish the work on their soul. It is so unimportant how the body spends its life on this earth, but important is the progress the soul makes, and therefore all your concern should only apply to the soul. And even if it seems as if the body is in distress, a trusting prayer to the Father in heaven will suffice and every need will be remedied. Yet this is what you lack, the faith that One can help you and that His love is so great that He wants to help you ..... However, if you don't believe you deprive yourselves of this help.

The human being should know that everything .... Suffering and joy, happiness and adversity .... is imposed on His child by the heavenly Father and that everything is a test to strengthen its faith. Only when you regard everything as God's sending will your faith become strong and you will entrust yourselves and your worries to the heavenly Father and ask Him to take them away from you. Nothing happens against divine will, God knows everything, and this realisation will let you quietly and devotedly bear what God sends you ....



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