Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1606 11.9.1940

Mediator from the world to God ....
Admonition ....

The spirit of truth shall announce itself to you and My grace shall communicate itself to you. My will determines your thoughts and actions. And thus I set you a task which does not extend to time and space .... The transmission of My Word in visible form is the expression of My will, this Word shall be conveyed to humanity as a visible expression of My love and strength, and this requires an earthly being which willingly serves Me and declares itself ready to receive My Word.

I would like to speak to all My children and lovingly admonish them not to slacken in their striving upwards, yet a person rarely opens his heart to Me and listens to Me. How gladly therefore do I fulfil the request of the one who desires to hear Me ..... I come to him at every hour, at every place and in every situation in life, where only his thoughts establish a connection with Me and he opens his heart so that I can communicate Myself to him. And therefore I direct all your steps such that the longing for My Word becomes ever stronger in you, I try to kindle the longing in you so that I will be so desired by you that I can fulfil your longing and give you what you ask for ..... Myself in the Word .... And then your soul will feel My love when it is allowed to receive what My spirit announces to it.

I Am close to you humans, I woo your love but you do not hear Me .... I send My messengers, I give them authority to speak to you in My name through a willing earthly child .... and you don't believe these Words either. And yet, humanity is in dire need of being taught about its wrong thoughts and actions. All suffering on earth is the result of this, and it cannot be averted from humanity until it tries to integrate itself into the divine order. But in order to integrate into this order it has to be informed, since in its disenchanted state it can no longer and no longer wants to distinguish right from wrong.

And it must be made clear to it that I am present, that I dwell everywhere and see the appalling goings-on and condemn them ..... It must be made understandable to it what a desperate situation it puts itself in and how it can escape this situation. It has to be educated to think correctly, and this is only possible through the transmission of My Word, for My Word is My will and My will provides people with guidelines for their thoughts and actions. And thus it is of inconceivable importance that people take notice of My will which, in turn, can only be conveyed to them as I have intended through you.

Many threads run from the beyond to earth and all only serve the purpose of passing on My Word. Through all these people who are willing to receive and serve Me I speak to humanity and reproach it for the error of its thoughts and actions. And again, there are only a few who listen to My Words and recognise Me as the Giver of them. Only a few feel My love and give themselves to Me, asking for My grace. And these few shall work for Me, and I will not let them call in vain and Am constantly close to them .... and apparent obstacles are only permitted by Me in order to strengthen the will to resist, for I require their whole will, their love for Me and their complete trust .... in order to then also be able to work through them for humanity's blessing.

I require human will which submits to Me, for I can only speak through human mouths and inform people of spiritual activity. Provided this is acknowledged it is considerably easier to teach them right thinking, yet people of the present time don't acknowledge much spiritual activity and therefore My will has to be proclaimed to them through the mouth of a human being. And this is My love's surest sign that My Words will never run dry once they have been desired by an earthly child ....

I seize anyone who serves Me with all love and help him to fulfil his earthly task. Yet I never force the will .... The human being must desire Me with utmost freedom and strive to be of service to Me. For then his heart will be willingly open to Me and he can hear My voice and will be blissfully happy if My Word sounds brightly and clearly in him. And that is enough for you to know that My voice will sound ever louder so that it will penetrate the din of the world.

I will give My servants on earth the strength to shape themselves in such a way that they can hear Me, provided they speak of Me and My name. Then I will speak through these servants Myself and give My Words emphasis through actions carried out by those who are My servants in truth .... who desire My spirit and stand in My love ..... And still the world will not be forced to believe .... But all who are of good will will recognise Me and henceforth shape their lives according to My will ....

And thus proclaim My Word to people with great joy, and know that I erect a protective wall around you and will not let any harm happen to you as long as you willingly serve Me. My love certainly takes care of all people but it especially protects those who sacrifice their lives to Me and strive to do what corresponds to My will. And every path is marked out for you and you walk it as it serves the great work of Salvation, which you consciously join. And therefore don't be discouraged if earthly life seems oppressive to you, for in order to shape yourself according to My will hours of inner gathering are still necessary, and these must be longed for with all your senses.

You have to fight for that which brings you inconceivable blessings, you have to be willing to renounce every comfort of life in order to only be able to serve Me, and only when the desire for My voice has become so great in you that you give up everything else for it, can I enter your heart in all fullness, and then I can work in you and through you. The degree of love in you determines the extent of My working of love on you. If you give everything, then you exchange Me and My love for it. And thus it should be easy for you to renounce earthly pleasures and seek compensation for them in My love.

The world really needs mediators between itself and the Lord of creation; it cannot find the path itself and can no longer hear My voice, thus people urgently need people of a higher degree of maturity who receive My Word from above and convey it to those who don't want to or cannot establish the connection themselves. And anyone who offers himself for this mediator's office I want to bless on earth as well as in the beyond, for his will contributes towards the redemption of countless erring souls and helps to build up the divine and to turn hitherto material thinking towards the divine. And this is commanded to him by the spirit out of God that he wrestles for such erring souls, that he uses every opportunity to impart what he has received, providing they are willing to accept it. And the path he has to take will become easy for him, for divine love accompanies him on all his ways ....



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