Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1607 11.9.1940

Dead and Living Matter ....
Work of Destruction ....
Disasters ....

The spiritual in matter longs to become free, for it feels that what surrounds it is a burden and oppression ..... It was created in freedom, and therefore all constraint in the form is an agonising state from which it would like to escape, but which it arbitrarily cannot. And therefore it fulfils the task assigned to it in order to be able to escape the respective form. It must now either serve or remain in the form for unthinkable times, there is no other way out for the spiritual.

Initially, the spiritual is still full of resistance against God and also refuses to serve, i.e., to enter into serving activity. It therefore remains inactive, and this inactivity earns it endless periods of being under spell. The spiritual cannot be released from the solid form until it decides to serve, but then it is also given the opportunity for an ever more rapid change of its outer form, because the will to serve has now become active through the prospect of final release from the solid form.

Everything in activity is therefore living matter, everything inactive is dead matter, although the term "dead" means something different than "lifeless". "Dead" means to be inactive in a banished state, "living" on the other hand means to have a certain freedom in order to be able to be active. Dead matter therefore still harbours very immature spirituality, i.e. spirituality that is distant from God and rebelling, which first has to endure thousands of years of suffering and torment until it decides to be active, i.e. until it feels the will to come closer to God ..... Once this will has become active, the spirit is released from its banishment by God's will ..... It becomes free and now strives for other embodiments in order to free itself completely, in order to be able to end the state of compulsion one day.

This release of the spiritual from the solid form can only take place in such a way that God commands the outer shell to loosen itself, i.e. the formerly solid form must somehow be dissolved or destroyed in order to release the spiritual sheltering within it, and this process always means a destruction of matter, which can now take place by human hand or also by God's will .... through elementary forces. But divine will is always a prerequisite, otherwise the spiritual substance will be released prematurely and ...., since it is not yet ripe for the next external form, will then go about its business and harass the already more mature spiritual substance or drive it to more rapid activity.

And this, in turn, results in inexplicable processes in nature, in plant and animal life, which have a disturbing effect on the spiritual substance which is already in the stage of free will, i.e. which has started its last course of development on earth, but which has abused its free will by prematurely releasing the immature spiritual substance from its form through works of destruction which did not correspond to God's will. Everything that is sinful, i.e. that is directed against divine order, will result in just punishment, and thus people themselves will also have to bear the consequences brought about by the horrendous work of destruction by human hands .....

Unimagined disasters are the entirely natural result of human hatred and unkindness, and thus the world is approaching an event which is unimaginable in its dimensions and consequences, for God does not allow His work of creation to be interfered with unpunished. Although He does not hinder people's free will, He can never allow the spiritual to be hindered in its course of development due to people's pure greed for revenge and destructive rage. For it is entirely God's business to assume the office of avenger ..... Every guilt should be handed over to Him alone, so that He may pass the just sentence ....



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