Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1613 15.9.1940

Eradicating false teachings ....
Resistance ....
Prayer ....

The slightest resistance hinders spiritual activity, and if the human being's will refuses to accept something that does not agree with it, the spirit from God cannot make itself known, and thus obstacles arise where the human being's will strives towards the spiritual. And this will be the case where the human being has already formed an opinion which contradicts what the spirit from God wants to proclaim. And therefore a person will be unsuitable to receive spiritual announcements if he cannot completely free himself from spiritual knowledge which he has previously acquired through scholastic teachings.

People find it difficult to detach themselves from such mental knowledge, and it will only be possible to have a corrective mental effect on them when they start to doubt their knowledge, when they come across contradictions and now seriously think about it. And it is the task of the beings of light in the beyond to correct and rectify their thoughts, they only wait for the moment when the human being ponders and questions and seeks the truth. But it is impossible to eradicate a firmly accepted teaching as long as the human being himself does not doubt it, for the will for truth has to become active itself, and this only happens when he wavers in his previous views.

And therefore it is the endeavour of the friends in the beyond to first shake the wrong belief. A state must arise where the human being feels a certain uncertainty about what he has held up to now, then the beings of light will immediately intervene and constantly bring new doubts and contradictions to his mind, and these will make the human being question and reflect. And only then can the activity of the beings of light begin to give him mental clarification. And yet, even then there will still be resistance; the more firmly the old teachings take root in the human being, for it is difficult to remove spiritual knowledge from the memory which has already taken possession of the human being's thinking. It is difficult to replace it with other wisdom, again and again the old thinking will force its way out .....

Every spiritual activity will be all the more successful the more the human being reacts to it without resistance, and therefore a heartfelt devotion to God is necessary and the will to allow himself to be instructed in the pure truth, only then can the strength of God flow through the human being, let him recognise what is wrong, and then he will more easily free himself from the previous teachings or his knowledge. He must first find everything reprehensible before he can completely separate himself from it. And therefore heartfelt prayer is a prerequisite .... If the human being can truly pray childlike to God for inner enlightenment, God will hear this prayer and give him the power of realisation so that he will suddenly recognise the truth as such brightly and clearly, and he will then acquire it in order to never again surrender it .....



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