Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1614 16.9.1940

How Christ Preached His Teaching ....
Work of God - Work of Man. Work of Man ....

Only that which corresponds to the Word of God is divine will. The Lord lived on earth, and this life was dedicated to the spreading of His Word .... He instructed people in the simplest possible way how to live their lives; He gave them guidelines and made everything understandable through examples ..... He presented Himself as an example, exemplified life to them and promised eternal life to those who followed Him. He wanted to educate people to think correctly through His teaching and always tried to awaken love in them. His life was uninterrupted labour of love, He sought to heal the body and the soul, He gave love from the bottom of His heart and His whole thought and action was only directed towards the salvation of erring souls.

Thus He preached the Word of God on earth, and the Word of God is still the same today .... the expression of divine will, as it was from eternity and will remain for eternity .... the admonition to love .... There is only one thing that has real meaning always and forever .... That is love. Love on earth brings redemption from form, love in the beyond brings eternal glory. Humanity shall always be educated to love, and the divine Word will always and constantly admonish people to love and warn them against unkindness. And thus it will always be divine will what love has as a prerequisite .....

People can no longer distinguish between human work and God's work, and they need only apply the standard as to what extent an action is determined by love and serves love .... whether it awakens love or gives love .... whether the omission of an action somehow has a damaging effect on the fellow human being, thus it would be an act of unkindness, or whether it does not result in any significant disadvantage. And thus commandments which prescribe such actions would be superfluous, i.e. not in accordance with divine will, because they distract attention from what is truly important and what God Himself demands of people in His commandments ....



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