Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1615 16.9.1940

Process of mediations ....
Gift to write Gift of grace ....

Time and again an unchanging love prompts God to approach people and impart His Word to them, for this love does not allow the human being to walk in error who carries the will for truth within himself. The stronger the human being's desire for truth is, the more he draws the eternal truth to himself and now hears the divine voice within himself, which usually expresses itself mentally but can also be audibly heard. It is the spiritual spark in the human being which seeks contact with the divine spirit, and if the human being pays attention to his thoughts he will perceive that they predominantly deal with spiritual questions and that the human being answers these questions himself, so to speak. And this answer is imparted to him by the spirit from God.

Anyone who takes care of his inner life, who often lets the voice within himself speak, i.e. who gives his thoughts free rein but tries to free himself as much as possible from earthly thoughts, will be able to achieve unheard-of success. He will think about many problems and, if he has the desire to solve them, he will also find a very clear and satisfying solution ..... He will create an image for himself, seemingly from his own thoughts, it will be pleasing to him and also completely correspond to the truth, for the will for truth gave the spirit within itself the freedom to express itself, and the image he now receives mentally is the expression of the divine spirit in the human being. For every human being who desires truth finds grace before God .... because this desire is unconsciously directed towards God Himself. The human being wants to recognise what is right, and God as the right lets Himself be recognised. He allows Himself to be found by anyone who seeks Him ....

The process of imparting spiritual truths bears the stamp of divine love. An earthly child will never be able to receive mediations which do not correspond to the truth. For God's adversary can certainly influence a person's train of thought through his auxiliary powers to turn towards the lie if he himself is untrue and averse to God .... but he will never have the power to let transcripts come into being in such an extraordinary way, for this gift is a gift of grace from God which can only be acquired through the will to serve God. The creation of the Scriptures is in itself a sign of divine love and omnipotence which cannot be arbitrarily transferred by an adversary's power to people who stand apart from the eternal Deity for the purpose of deliberately misleading their fellow human beings. .... And thus this emergence alone is already evidence of the working of good spiritual strength, it is a process which is not often repeated and which will not be terminated at will either, for the earthly child, once it has declared itself willing to do so, is seized by divine love and no longer wants to miss the delectable gift, after all, the spirit floats in regions which are now more desirable to it than earthly life, and consequently the human being would never voluntarily want to surrender anything which seems far more desirable to him.

Divine love is clearly recognisable at work, and It gives people evidence of Its strength and might ..... It constantly endeavours to persuade people to believe, It comes close to earth Itself and mercifully takes care of Its living creations, Divine Love tries to make Itself understood in the Word, It is unchanging and always and forever only concerned to make the eternal kingdom accessible to Its living creations in all its glory, and thus Love Itself descends to earth and instructs them in Word and Scripture .... so that God's everlasting pure Word will be offered to people in accordance with His will ....



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