Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1622 20.09.1940

Judgment ....
Time of peace ....
The opponent's broken power ....

God's Judgment is not far away. It will only be a short time longer and during this time the world is yet to see much misery, bear much suffering and sorrow and go through indescribable affliction. Since the Calvary cross has been ignored people will have to experience it for themselves, they must endure unspeakable suffering and thus atone for the guilt of sin because they renounced their faith in Jesus Christ. God does not want to leave them in their agnostic state and still provide them with means and ways of finding Jesus Christ. The suffering coming upon the earth is negligible compared to the suffering of those in the beyond who died without faith in Jesus Christ and won't acknowledge His act of Salvation. His suffering and death on the cross was the sacrifice of atonement for humanity's sins. Yet those who distance themselves from the act of Salvation must atone for their guilt of sin themselves and can be considered fortunate if they are still allowed to do so in their earthly life. Souls which oppose Christ and His act of Salvation can expect to suffer inconceivable torments in the beyond. Yet immense suffering on earth can still let them find Him and recognise His greater than great love, and then the state of their soul at the time of death can be such that they will not need to endure the agonies in the beyond. But if earthly suffering does not result in spiritual success, then all means on earth will be in vain and God will impose upon people a time when everything will be eradicated which can no longer be spiritually saved .... since a separation of good from evil will take place .... so that only those who confess God will keep their lives but everything that is hostile to God will be removed .... Prior to this, God's demands will be revealed to the world, the world will not be kept in ignorance; nevertheless, it will not want to believe. And it cannot be forced to believe; unbelief, however, will become so prevalent that God wants to protect His Own from the corrupting influence of those people who are clearly subject to the opponent's control. Consequently, He will break his power and allow everything that opposes Him to fall prey to destruction .... He will withdraw His will from every external form and let the souls take the infinitely long path in a bound state again, because no prospect of higher development and redemption exists for this spiritual essence in the beyond, since its will is still utterly influenced by the opponent. Hence, the Judgment will signify the dawning of a completely new era. That which will then populate the earth will be spiritually advanced and consciously want to serve God and travel the earthly path in accordance with divine will, for it will no longer be so harassed by evil forces. With the knowledge of God people will flourish into a joyful and ardently God-loving race and the earth will be spared sadness and suffering, a time of peace and blissful happiness will commence on Earth, people will lovingly be of service to each other and thus strive towards higher spheres in a way that is pleasing to God. And during this time the opponent has little control over people. It was taken away from him, since all spiritual beings enslaved by him had lost their freedom and were bound in forms again, thus the opponent will be unable to use his power until these beings enter the state of free will once more which, however, will take an infinitely long time again, and this time can be called a time of peace on Earth ....




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