Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1744 19.12.1940

Serving in love last goal ....
Humility ....
Bliss ....

The being fulfils its destiny if it decides to serve, for service in love is the ultimate goal of everything that has emerged from God. Service is then no longer a state conditioned by humility, but love now makes service a state of highest bliss. All beings of light need the influx of divine strength, and to now be able to give to the beings what they lack is immeasurably happy for the beings whose state of perfection enabled them to become recipients and bearers of the divine influx and who, in their love, only ever want to hand out and thus serve out of greater than great love.

Every creature which they are allowed to flood with their love power is, as it were, entrusted to them for their happiness and protection. And they particularly lovingly take care of the earthly children who have expressed their will to accept strength from God. They are always ready for them, they will not let any call go unheard, their will to serve is never-ending, they constantly want to give and help those who need help.

For this is love which wants to redeem, which wants to liberate something that is bound, which therefore serves the bound being so that it becomes free from the power of its conqueror ..... Love does not ask for reward or success, it is only willing to serve, and it is service which demonstrates deepest humility on earth, in eternity of unspeakable sweetness; it is not a degrading state, it is a royal descent in profound love, lifting up what lies on the ground and leading it upwards ....

This serving is equal to ruling, because deep love is the driving force. Therefore, on earth, service in love will be the only way to perfection, although on earth humility must be added to it in order to live in God's grace. The human being has to descend to the deepest depth of his own accord in order to reach the highest height ..... However, the further they progress in their higher development, the less humiliating all entities will find the state of service, for the more the being shapes itself into love, the more gratifying the awareness of being able to help will be for it, because it both recognises the hardship of the unredeemed being as well as knows about the unspeakable happiness of the being which receives divine strength and is allowed to distribute it continuously .....



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