Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1747 22.12.1940

The Secret of Everlasting Love ....

To fathom the mystery of eternal love is beyond human ability, and thus it will never be possible for a human being to imagine God as love Himself, for God is an entity for the believing human being but love is a feeling ..... Beingness and feeling, however, are two concepts which can certainly belong to each other, where one can mean the complement of the other but which are difficult to think of as the same .... God is only conceivable as love insofar as the highest, most perfect being must also be in the highest degree of love, consequently God and love cannot be separated from each other.

And this explanation is also the only one which can be given to men but does not reveal the secret of eternal love. For every thought beyond it is wrong, because human thoughts are unable to fathom this miracle. And it must suffice for the human being to imagine divine love as something incomprehensible which can only be grasped with the same, i.e. that only the loving human being penetrates a mystery and then he only ever applies his own degree of love as a standard, since a 'more' is simply not comprehensible to him.

Only when he has succeeded in transforming his own being into love will it be easier for him to imagine God as Love Itself, yet as a human being he will never completely fathom it. He is certainly able to imagine God as an entity, even though this entity cannot be imagined in human terms either, yet the human being always thinks of an entity as something physical (a form was overwritten by the author), even if it is not visible to the eye as such. Love, however, cannot take on a form in his imagination, and as soon as it would be given a form, this would again be addressed as something being-like.

And therefore the attempt to introduce the human being to this mystery is completely pointless, it would only lead to erroneous trains of thought which could prevent the human being from recognising the eternal truth. The human being, in his limitedness, will certainly be able to fathom everything that is connected with earthly life, yet understanding the spiritual requires (even) an activity of love. Then his being will also shape itself into love, and when the soul separates from the body only the essence will remain, which in itself is also love, thus it cannot be regarded as two different things but could only become what it is through love ..... Hence being and love are the same again.

(23.12.1940) However, the One Who is love in Himself only becomes conceivable as an entity, because for the human being the possibility of comprehension only lies in the essence .... Although he also feels love, even if in the smallest measure, he cannot imagine the eternal Deity as something that is only expressed in the life of feeling. For he would only regard this as belonging to the entity, but not as the entity itself.

Love is a power, and God is power, therefore God and love must be the same. And again, God must be recognised as an entity, otherwise the basic concept for the existence of the eternal Deity would be missing. Only when the being has approached the eternal Deity is it possible to merge the two concepts into each other, and then it will become completely clear to the being what it cannot yet comprehend. On earth, however, it lacks the ability, since it can only absorb what can be united with earthly laws, otherwise it remains misunderstood ....



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