Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1748 24.12.1940

Spiritual change ....
Professing Jesus Christ...

The world can expect an extraordinarily significant change of era. For good spiritual beings will descend to Earth and achieve a radical change of thinking by means of extraordinary events which correspond to God's will. The battle between the various schools of thought will be waged on an immense scale with the result that a separation of those who argue for and against God will take place. No particular signs will precede this time; the human being will merely be more frequently referred to supernatural things, he will effectively be motivated to think about it and thus be obliged to form an opinion about questions which are beyond earthly things. And then he will follow this or that school of thought and become a fighter for his point of view. And thus begins a new time, a time when on one side spiritual enlightenment and on the other side profound spiritual darkness will separate people from each other .... a time, when the spiritual striving of the former will clearly show itself in their attitude towards earthly possessions, which the purely worldly-minded person eagerly aims to increase but which will be despised by the others. And then humanity will go through a change of thought. The spiritual world will embody itself in God-inclined people who will be able to see brightly and clearly and endorse with utter conviction what the spiritual world is imparting to them.

However, they will have to fight for their spiritual freedom. Those who are in favour of God will be ostracised and subjected to constant threats, for the majority of people will be godless and have great power since they are being supported by the reigning authority. And yet, the virtuous spirits will win; they have great strength because they fight with the weapon of love. The new era is intended to result in spiritual progress, the soul shall derive substantial benefits from it, humanity shall become more open towards the truth and allow itself to be guided more by love; a conscious striving towards God shall characterise people who concede to the power of the spiritual forces; people shall enjoy a peaceful disposition despite external pressures and apparent obstacles, for they know that they are on the right path and therefore feel secure and well-protected under divine guard and thus pay less attention to the hostilities from the human side. They are strong in faith, confident in hope and powerful in love. And those who still doubt will lift themselves up on the latter, for the profound and living faith is more convincing than a lot of talking.

Jesus once struggled on earth for the souls and at that time, too, started a period of spiritual strive; in those days people also had to make a decision to profess or deny Christ. This time the question will be equally decisive as well. Then the human being will also have to decide as to whether he will acknowledge Jesus Christ and thus profess Him before the world or whether he will reject him. And the answer to this question will once again determine his higher development. For only someone who professes Him will derive a benefit from his earthly life for the soul. And the divine Word must be spread again; diligent disciples must once again distribute the Gospel throughout the world, and prior to this an incredible amount of work has to be done by instructing these disciples so that they will teach according to divine will. And the signs of the forthcoming new era can already be found in the fact that this divine teaching comes to people directly from above, that they are therefore given the teaching of Christ again as unspoilt as it was at the time of Jesus on earth, accompanied by miracles and extraordinary happenings, for there will also be miracles during the coming time which noticeably express the divine will, yet these miracles will only be understandable to those who have already experienced the working of the spirit within themselves and who therefore ever more intimately join Jesus Christ and profess Him before the whole world ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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