Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1775 13.1.1941

"If you do not see a sign, believe ye not ...."

Deep repentance must precede the forgiveness of the guilt of sin; it is the precondition which must be set in order to make the earthly child realise the greatness of its wrong of having sinned against God. He who loves God above all else cannot sin, therefore sin is always a lack of love, and out of this man transgresses against God. At the same time, however, sin is the entering into the will of the adversary, who always wants what is contrary to God's will.

Man has therefore placed the will of the adversary above divine will, he has obeyed it but resisted divine will. The human being must therefore recognise the magnitude of his wrongdoing, then he will also repent of it if he loves God, and then he will also be able to ask God in his heart for forgiveness so that he will now also be forgiven. The confession of sin, the request for forgiveness, is not a formal act, but it rises from the bottom of the heart to the ear of the heavenly Father. ....

And that is the divine in man, that he can recognise if he is good, that he does not grope in ignorance if only his will is turned towards God. He is mentally made to recognise what is right, and if he now acts in accordance with this recognition, then he acts in accordance with the divine will. If the evidence of the forgiveness of sins is demanded before the world, before the eyes of fellow human beings, then this is a sign of too weak faith in God's love. For God sees into hearts, and He truly does not need to give outwardly perceptible confirmations of the forgiveness of sins .....

His love does indeed often give visible signs that He has forgiven the earthly child's sins, but signs must not merely be taken as evidence of forgiveness. "If ye see no signs, believe not," saith the Lord, "yet blessed are they that see not, and yet believe." He who begs God in spirit and in truth for mercy recognises his unworthiness and lifts up his hands to the Father, wrestling. He will be helped out of his soul's distress, for he wants to go to God, and thus God always helps him in the way that is helpful to him.

Insofar as the human being takes his path directly to God, God also comes to meet him. His servants instruct him and guide him correctly, and it is better for the human being to leave himself to the spiritual beings in God's service than to seek help from those on earth who call themselves God's servants and who are still far removed from the right service to God. For not all of them are true servants of God who certainly exercise the office of such.

And if they are truly men after God's heart they nevertheless must not condemn the earthly child which entrusts itself directly to the heavenly Father in utmost faith .... . And this faith will also let it recognise its sinfulness, its lowliness and its need for help .... and from the bottom of its heart it will appeal to the Father for mercy. And therefore God will manifestly draw near to it and let His grace flow to it as a sign that no prayer will go unheard if it is sent up to Him in spirit and in truth ....



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