Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1777 18.1.1941

Tool of God ....
Mission ....
Work of God ....

Those who feel called to work for the Lord are under spiritual guidance. They are looked after and guided and led in all love. For if they declare their willingness to be active in service on earth, they must be constantly instructed in order to be able to exercise their ministry. They have to carry out a mission which first consists of passing on what wisdom is given to them. But then they must also be willing at all times to allow themselves to be used as the Lord's instruments without resistance; if the Lord wants to work through them they must completely hand themselves over to Him, give up their will and thus carry out the divine will and thereby make God's working obvious to the world.

For God's greater than great love seeks to win the world's followers and seeks a path to their hearts. And a believing earthly child must now form the bridge, since God cannot reveal Himself to them in such a way that He is recognised by them. A God-submissive will is immediately seized by spiritual beings who are responsible for the care of worldly people. They use every opportunity to come to their aid and can achieve great success with the help of this willing earthly child. But now they have to be careful to first transfer their strength to the willing human being so that he can then pass on earthly what was previously imparted to him supernaturally.

Therefore the spiritual beings are concerned with the constant training of those who offer their service to God. They try to make them understand that only continued work in itself results in that state in which God can work through the human being. God can only take possession of a person's will when he has turned to Him of his own accord .... . However, he will only completely submit himself to Him when he is no longer bound to the earthly world.

Thus the human being first has to sever all ties with it; he has to voluntarily relinquish everything which could prevent him from uniting with God; he has to give constantly, for he only receives by giving, because God Himself unites Himself ever more intimately with him. And if he has thus become love, if God can enter his heart, He can now also work in and through this human being. He can now cause him to accomplish things which cannot be done on earth, for the human being then no longer does it of his own accord but God Himself is the executor. God now works through the earthly child and makes His greatness known to those whom He wants to win for Himself.

And thus heaven and earth unite, i.e. the highest beings from the kingdom of light take care of subjugated humanity and seek to bring light to it, and for this purpose they make use of a human being whose will is completely merged into divine will and is thus well suited to serve as God's instrument. However, he must be profoundly religious and acknowledge God as the highest, most loving and wisest Being, so that God's love, wisdom and omnipotence can express itself through this earthly child and guide humanity into realisation ....



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