Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1780 19.1.1941

Belief and Trust ....
Happening ....
Force of Nature and Essence ....

In a general state of perplexity, it will become apparent how much calmer people remain whose hearts are rooted in deep faith and trust in God. Where all help seems impossible, they hope for the Lord's help. And God will never let this hope go to waste. He sends them His help, even if it is not earthly recognisable as such. But He never leaves such asking and trusting people in the distress of their souls. Even when they see the approaching end, He suddenly gives them the inner realisation that their earthly career is over and they now exchange earthly life for a far more beautiful life, so that they gladly and joyfully give up earthly life and no longer ask for its preservation.

They now realise that they are fulfilling a mission, that their earthly departure is to help other souls to ascend again, and their knowledge of God lets them easily make the sacrifice which, however, only appears to be a sacrifice for their fellow human beings. Faith and trust make even the most difficult hour easy; always entrusting oneself to God with faith, letting the heavenly Father rule according to His will and expecting everything that is to come without fear gives greatest strength. And humanity will need this strength in the coming time, life will be almost unbearable for people who lack faith and therefore also strength.

A supernatural working will be recognised, for earthly power cannot change the disaster which will befall people. However, humanity resists turning to a supernatural being in supplication and devotion and yet it is the only possibility to improve the difficult situation. And the earthly burdens will virtually exhort people to pray, and blessed is he who does not close his mind to this admonition and finds the path to God by taking refuge in Him.

But humanity is very arrogant and even in severe suffering it does not want to bow down. It has no faith in an ever helpful Being and therefore does not call upon this Being either. And thus the human being sees himself as a creature which has no one more powerful over him, and a completely wrong line of thought is now also built on this wrong fundamental thought. A calculation can never be correct which has made a mistake right at the beginning. God, however, still wants to guide this wrong way of thinking, He wants to make people aware of Himself, He only wants them to believe in Him, to recognise Him as the most powerful spirit in heaven and on earth .....

And therefore He demonstrates His power to them .... He draws the world's attention to an extraordinary event which, in turn, can only be explained by God's omnipotence. He upsets the forces of nature, the Eternal Lawgiver overturns certain laws of nature, He expresses Himself to a certain extent through natural forces, yet He wants to be recognised and understood as an entity, i.e. He wants to be called upon by people in prayer because this call of God testifies to faith. Prayer will not be used all too often, for people certainly want to accept a natural power but never believe that a supremely perfect Being could make contact with earthly creatures, and therefore they do not use prayer either despite constant inner indications.

And now they are in double danger of having to lose earthly as well as spiritual life, for anyone who lacks faith in the power and strength of prayer cannot be granted spiritual or physical help, his soul is in a pitiful situation if it loses earthly life and enters the beyond without any faith.

For the soul will be just as dismissive of the teachings in the beyond, for the knowledge of the eternal Deity cannot be conveyed to it in any other way than on earth, it will have to endure unspeakable suffering in the beyond, and only then will this be taken away from it if it accepts the divine teaching which it rejected on earth ..... It will be an infinitely long path she has to travel in the beyond until she achieves what she could easily achieve on earth, until she desires God and expresses her will through the desire to subordinate herself to divine will .... until she is allowed to approach Him in deepest humility, towards Whom she was arrogant ....



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