Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1786 25.1.1941

Serving means becoming free ....
Knowing about it ....

Everything that is still banished in form pushes towards liberation. The being is forced, and it feels the compulsion as torment. However, the compulsion God exerts on the being by taking away its freedom of will is by no means decisive for the being but only beneficial insofar as the desire to escape this very banished state becomes strong in it and it now decides to do something it refused to do before .... that it is ready to serve.

Thus, serving also means becoming free. The being which has no right will to do so must also put up with the fetters, it must suffer, and thus the being cannot be spared the state of suffering as long as it refuses to enter into a serving relationship. It must therefore perform an activity in humility which reduces the state of suffering of another being. It must take upon itself something that the other being should bear; it thereby redeems itself and also the being it serves.

The more willingly the being enters into a serving relationship, the more God loosens its bound will in order to finally remove all fetters of will from it and now leave the redemption to it by giving it free decision, that it is therefore no longer forced to serve but has to do so voluntarily in order to become free of the last form.

Voluntary service, however, also presupposes knowledge about the meaning and purpose of it; the being must be made aware of what earthly life means for it. It cannot be left in ignorance about the meaning and purpose of life but everything worth knowing must be presented to it before it can be called to account for what it refrains from doing on earth. It would be of no value if the being would only be compelled again to be of service, it must be free to serve or also to withdraw from this service.

Through the long course on earth before the embodiment as a human being the being has been shaped such that it is in a certain state of maturity, thus it certainly has the ability to recognise what divine will is. But it has to fulfil the divine will of its own accord, it cannot be compelled to act and think as a human being, otherwise this would not be complete redemption, for the will of the opposing power would then not yet be completely defeated.

The divine in the human being has only attained sole dominion when the adversary is completely defeated; there must not be the slightest connection between the human being and the adversary, instead, the human being's desire must only apply to God, and this desire for Him also determines the human being to be of service; he does everything God wants, he has given up all arrogance and shaped himself into love and humility, thus he has redeemed himself from all influence of the adversary and is now also completely liberated from all forms which banish him, for the being has now become what it needs to be in order to unite with God again.... .... it has reached the original state .... it is what it was from the beginning .... Light and strength in from God ....



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