Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1789 27.1.1941

Activity of the individual ....

The individual being travels the earthly path according to its purpose, i.e., one being cannot arbitrarily fulfil the activity or task of another being, since precisely these tasks of the beings in the different embodiments are also different. This is an order in creation which cannot be overturned, that every individual creature is destined for an activity which again contributes to the preservation of the entire work of creation. Nothing is without purpose and meaning, therefore the task of every being must also correspond to this meaning and purpose.

Whether it is recognised as such by people is indeed sometimes questionable, for the human being does not possess the knowledge about the correlations in the work of creation, yet if he acknowledges God as an exceedingly wise Creator no doubt may befall him, for nothing can be purposeless in creation which the wisest Creator has created. Every individual being is destined to walk its earthly path in isolation for a certain time and then to mature by fulfilling the task given to it.

In the higher development of the beings there is also the possibility of uniting with other equally mature beings, which now receive a new cover again in order to animate the earth again as individual beings. And this process of development continues until the outer form of countless spiritual beings, which were allowed to unite, has finally become the human body of flesh and the whole is now confronted with the greatest and last task on earth to shape itself in such a way that it can leave the earth one day without any outer form.

Again, the being .... the human being .... has to carry out an activity which can bring him to the state of maturity, and this activity, which can bring him final liberation, is a conscious activity of love .... Admittedly, the human being also has to fulfil his earthly task independently of the spiritual task of shaping himself into perfection, and earthly activity, too, contributes to the preservation of what God has created. But it is only ever the means to an end, for the first and most important purpose of earthly life is the shaping of the soul, which has to be carried out separately from earthly activity.

And this always requires the being's connection with God, for without it it can certainly fulfil all earthly duties and carry out its activity as intended; but the soul can never shape itself according to God's will, for this requires extraordinary strength, which is indeed at the being's unmeasured disposal but has to be requested from God, thus the connection with Him has to be established first, which is the first and last goal of all beingness in creation.

For the former separation from God was the cause for the emergence of the work of creation, thus the unification with God must be the goal and purpose of everything God let come into being. The being's path on earth must ultimately lead to unification with Him, provided the being in its final stage as a human being does not abuse its free will again and distances itself from God again of its own accord ....



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