Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1798 31.01.1941

Hour of death ....

The hour of death has become the subject of insurmountable fear for many people, they are anxious and afraid of every thought of it, and this is always a sign of insufficient maturity of soul. The soul unconsciously recognises its deficient condition and perceives that the death of the body is the end of its earthly existence .... it intuitively senses that it has not made the best use of its earthly life, hence the human being finds the thought of death frightening. The uncertainty after death disturbs him, he is full of doubt about life after death yet he is not entirely convinced that his life is finally over either. And precisely this uncertainty about the 'afterwards' makes him anxious about the hour of separation from this world. The more mature a human being is the less he is affected by the thought of death, the reason for this rests in the realisation that the real life does not start until after the death of the body. Prerequisite for entering the spheres of light is the ability to surrender the earthly life with an easy heart as then the human being is no longer attached to earthly possession, he has overcome matter ....

Everything the human being leaves behind on earth are earthly possessions which should no longer be desired but gladly and joyfully abandoned. Everything the human being holds dear on earth he should be able to give up with an easy heart, then his departure from the world is easy. There should be nothing to hold a person back or the release from earth would always be a fight. Consequently every desire should be overcome at an early stage so that death can approach the human being at any hour and never take him by surprise. Equally decisive for the physical ending of the human being is the will for God because anyone who longs for God is happy when his earthly life comes to an end. Spiritually he is already in those spheres and just yearns for the hour which finally takes him where the spirit wants to go, to his true home. Hence the hour of death can mean anxiety, fear and horror for one person, while for the other it can be the granting of what he had long dreamt of and hoped for. It is the release from every form for him, it denotes his entrance into the eternal kingdom, into everlasting glory ....

What the human being regards as death can be his entrance into eternal life if he has lived life consciously, i.e. with God, and is therefore mature for life in eternity .... However, it can also really signify death, the soul senses this and fears the hour that will inevitably come when the time of earthly life, which God has designated for the human being, is concluded. Every human being should therefore think of the hour of his death and in view of it live his earthly life consciously, i.e. to improve his soul that it may achieve the degree of maturity which guarantees an easy and painless passing over from earth into the eternal kingdom ....




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