Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1812 15.2.1941

The spiritual world ....
Paradise state ....

The death of the body is the conclusion of the earthly change and the beginning of life in eternity. These are two fundamentally different worlds .... One, which belongs to the past and is also transient in itself, i.e. constantly changing, is the world of God's visible and tangible works of creation .... a world which is matter in contrast to the world in the beyond, where material creations do not exist but only remain in the minds of imperfect beings until the moment of final overcoming. The body of flesh needed earthly, i.e. material creations, since it itself was also such a creation.

But as soon as the fleshly outer shell falls and the soul passes over into the spiritual kingdom, it is completely independent of visible works of creation, provided it has reached a certain degree of maturity. The present world is a world of desires .... Every soul will find what it desires, and thus life in eternity will be a paradisiacal state for the human being, providing the soul wants to dwell in paradise. For it can also desire that which is still very humanly earthly. But then the state cannot be called paradisiacal, for earthly desires exclude such a state.

In higher spheres, however, earthly-material things are no longer desired, but are regarded as belonging to the past, and instead only spiritual good is striven for. Spiritual goods, however, are for the first time the currents of strength which the being in eternity noticeably feels and recognises as necessary for higher development and longs for. In this world nothing is tangible or physically visible but only visible to the spiritual eye, i.e., everything consists of ethereal substances, it is only recognisable in the life of feeling .... the being's degree of love, as it were, will determine the spheres which are now the soul's new abode.

For if the soul is willing, it also receives, and now receiving and giving is a blissful activity for the being. It does not desire something tangible, but only something delicious, which is expressed in the life of feeling. And thus life in eternity is a constant influx and distribution of divine strength, only spiritual things are desired and received and the life of feeling is developed to inconceivable depth, so that bliss can take on ever greater proportions, thus neither standstill nor decline occurs for that which is the epitome of eternal life .... of eternal glory ....



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