Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1832 26.2.1941

Sounding Word Proof ....

The most unmistakable proof of union with God is the sounding Word. It is like heavenly music which sounds in the heart ..... It is an incomparably beautiful state which triggers bliss in the human being, and it is the feeling of sweetest togetherness, for the human being senses the Lord's nearness. And nothing on earth outweighs this blissful state, nothing else can give such happiness than the nearness of the divine Lord and Saviour. And yet, only a few people are in such a state of love that they are worthy of the sounding Word.

God Himself offers the most glorious to the human being on earth, but only a few desire this delicious gift which can shape life on earth into a paradise. Only a few give their hearts completely to the Saviour and desire nothing more of the world. Only a few are absorbed in love for their neighbour and share everything they possess with him ..... Only a few give everything in order to be able to receive everything again .....

The more willing the earthly child is and the less it resists divine activity, the sooner it will be able to hear God's voice within itself, for the subtlest spiritual vibrations must be heeded and the heart must yearn to God full of intimacy. The human being should only strive for this on earth, for once he has achieved it he will be immune to all temptations of evil ..... He requires nothing more from life than only divine love which audibly expresses itself. All desires are silent when the Lord Himself speaks in the human being's heart, and then He instructs the earthly child, and when it audibly hears His voice all doubt is silenced ....

However, such a heartfelt connection can only be established in deepest faith, for if the human being does not believe that no thing is impossible with God he will not persistently listen within himself in order to hear the divine voice. And even if people are imparted the knowledge about it, their faith is too small as if they would do everything to prove themselves worthy of such a gift. The sounding word is an indescribable blessing for the human being, for through it he noticeably progresses upwards.

By listening to the Word the human being receives inconceivable strength and grace, and the heartfelt bond provides him with an inconceivable spiritual advantage, for to be united with the Lord already on earth requires a degree of maturity which earns the human being entry into the spheres of light at the time of his earthly demise, in which he is allowed to behold God face to face .....



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